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The San Diego Union-Tribune recently asked Brewing Eclectic IPA author Dick Cantwell what he thought would come after the IPA. His response was a passionate and reverent decree for the beer trend:  

“There will be plenty of stuff that’s next but there’s nothing after IPA. Once your palate has been calibrated to that kind of intensity and boldness, it’s hard to go back.”

Cantwell is the co-founder of Seattle’s Elysian Brewing and co-owner of San Francisco’s Magnolia Brewing. His new book speaks to the culture of craft beer's popular style, the India Pale Ale (IPA). 



Thank you for your excellent work promoting our book, Vital Factors - The Secret To Transforming Your Business and Your Life. As you are aware, Vital Factors was our first book and we were novices at the fundamentals of promoting a business book. Our decision to work with your firm was based upon your extensive experience promoting business books and we are not disappointed. I sincerely appreciated your consistent coaching and advice as we executed the book campaign. This spirit of teamwork and collaboration made a difference. We learned a great deal about promoting a book and we can also apply many of these principles to future PR efforts. Your weekly updates kept our eye on the ball as we moved the campaign forward. I will continue to recommend you and your firm to business associates who want to gain national exposure for their books.
— JOHN MANNING, Director of Marketing MAP