10 Reasons To Spend Your Snow Day Reading

 Snow Day

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By Cori Cagide, associate digital publicist

Thanks to a polar vortex that has affected a majority of the country this winter season, most residents are being forced indoors. Even cities like Atlanta, who rarely experience this type of weather, are feeling the full brunt of it, having undergone two ice storms in a two-week period. Living and working on the East coast, specifically in the tri-state area, I can say firsthand that commuting has been no easy feat. While most of my mass transit commutes from New Jersey to New York City are filled with time to catch up on reading, scavenge for dinner ideas on Pinterest, and the occasional social media perusing (okay, borderline stalking), this season has brought even more hours to fill with these types of activities.

Whether it’s sitting in train traffic, waiting for the roads to be cleared on the bus, or being stuck at home with no way to get to the office, the polar vortex has become something of a blessing in disguise for those of us that have been dying for some extra time to catch up on side projects – and what better way to spend your time than reading a book? I’ll give you 10 reasons on why reading is the best way to spend your snow day:

  1. Baby, it’s cold outside. Why go outdoors when you can stay inside by the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate (hopefully not in a snuggy), curled up with a good book? Don’t go outside and risk frost bite. For the sake of your fingers and toes, stay inside and stay warm.
  2. It can save you money. Trying to save money on your bills? Why spend your money on renting movies, or having the TV on in general, when you have a perfectly good book waiting for you? Did you know you don’t actually have to pay for all books? There are plenty of options that are downloadable for free, such as these selections from Amazon.
  3. It can inspire you. For most the snow has just gotten old, but there’s no denying its beauty when the first flakes start to fall. Of course, one hour into the snowfall when you can’t pull out of the driveway it’s a drag, but take this time to embrace Mother Nature. Now that you’re observing from indoors, you can actually write about it. Unless you’re this guy, who is actually writing a story in the snow.
  4. It keeps you busy. What better excuse for not shoveling the snow yourself than being enveloped in a good read? Your nice landlord or sweet significant other can’t possibly expect you to break your concentration to go out and help them shovel, can they?
  5. Exercise your brain. The snow may be preventing you from hitting the gym or going for run outdoors, but if you can’t exercise your body, why not exercise your brain? There’s no better way to give your mind a workout than a solid read.
  6. It’s a great distraction. The build-up of snow can be borderline depressing. Reading can act as a great escape. When you lose yourself in a book, you’ll barely notice that the amount of snow on your front porch is preventing you from escaping your home.
  7. You’ll have more things to talk about. Finding yourself in a lull during a conversation with your boss? Don’t you wish you had spent your snow day reading rather than binge-watching Netflix? Talking about the latest book could have really helped you avoid that awkward silence. Sure, you’re happy you just finished Downton Abbey, but wouldn’t your boss be more impressed with your history or fiction knowledge than the “recently watched” section of your Netflix account?
  8. You can stay in your PJ’s. Books don’t judge you. Don’t bother with your hair, makeup, or even getting dressed. Stay comfy, stay warm, and even stay under the covers. No sense in getting all dolled up for your reading, your book likes you just the way you are.
  9. You’ll know more about upcoming movie releases than your friends. There are plenty of books-to-movies that will be debuting in the coming year. Stay ahead of the curve and actually read the story before you watch the film. Maybe you’re a snob and never think the movie lives up to the book, but hey, at least you’ll have some ground to stand on if you’ve done both.  Take a look at some books-to-movies to read before they’re out.
  10. It brings people together. Reading is one of the oldest past times in our history. Now, you might not be at the point in your life where you have children to read to, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip down memory lane with a beloved book from your past. Getting lost in an old book from your childhood or a book that got you through a tough time can really make you feel connected.

Still not sold? At the very least, for those of you who haven’t gotten the flu shot, don’t fear! You’re not outside in the cold risking catching the flu. You’re inside, keeping warm with a book – the best medicine there is.


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