2014 MEDIA CONNECT and Finn Partners Annual Holiday Parties

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Back, left to right: Anna Patrick, Cori Cagide, Emily Labes, Mick Andreano, Deborah Kohan, Steve Matteo, Karissa Hearn, Brian Feinblum, Adrienne Fontaine, and David Hahn. Front: Joy Smith, Alexandra Israel, Johanna Dickson and Lindsey Hall


December 12th marked the annual Finn Partners holiday party, held in the D&D building in midtown east just a short walk from the office. A gourmet pasta bar was featured, and cocktails were served.


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Back, left to right: Emily Labes, Karissa Hearn, Cori Cagide, Alexandra Israel, and Anna patrick. Middle: Adrienne Fontaine. Front: Lindsey Hall and Johanna Dickson


My favorite thing about the holiday party: Karaoke! Having the chance to get to know other people in departments. Very friendly, jovial event.

Lindsey Hall, Associate Publicist


The gourmet pasta bar was delicious! We all had a great time with our teammates and FP colleagues.

Karissa Hearn, Senior Publicist


The karaoke performances were most memorable for me. There are so many talented people in our office!

Joy Smith, Administrative Assistant

Cori Cagide and Anna Patrick

Cori Cagide and Anna Patrick


A fun night had by all! The photo booth was my favorite, we felt that we had to top last year’s group photo and I think it’s safe to say that we did! It was great to catch up with everyone outside of the office, get dressed up, and enjoy wonderful food.

Anna Patrick, Digital Publicist


The photo booth is always a great time, and there’s never dull moment when a microphone and karaoke system is readily available to the talented group at FP.

Cori Cagide, Publicist

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Left to right: Emily Labes, Karissa Hearn, Cori Cagide, Alexandra Israel, Anna Patrick and Johanna Dickson


I love it that Finn Partners/MEDIA CONNECT staffers love to entertain one another during the holidays with funny stories, food and song.

Dawn Frederick, Receptionist


My favorite moment from the MC holiday party was when we were all just sitting around chatting. It’s so nice to be a part of such a close-knit team!

Emily Labes, Associate Publicist


In addition to the Finn Partners party, MEDIA CONNECT also has a little get holiday party of its own! We took over the conference room with a potluck lunch, where everyone brought a dish, or dessert. Dawn provided wonderful Mexican food! We also had drinks, music and Christmas grab bag!



David Hahn surveys the Mexican food buffet

David Hahn surveys the Mexican food buffet





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