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From the Archives: Malcolm Gladwell, Ambassadors and the Power of Small Groups

photo credit By David Hahn, Managing Director   Like many people I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell.  The Tipping Point is such a great book, not only for marketers but also helps you identify where you are on the … Continue reading

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The Lit Has Hit The Fan (Fiction)

photo credit By Dee Donavanik, Publicity Director   Has fan fiction officially become mainstream? The buzz over Fifty Shades of Grey has finally died down a bit, but with an upcoming movie in production it’s still making the occasional headline. By … Continue reading

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World Book Night 2014 Recap: ‘Givers’ Take to the Streets to Spread Their Love of Reading

By Nicole Martineau, Associate Publicist photo credit Last night, Wednesday, April 23, over 25,000 dedicated volunteers across the United States gave away free books to members of their local community for World Book Night U.S., an annual event dedicated to … Continue reading

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15 Words Created by William Shakespeare

photo credit By Johanna Dickson, Digital Publicist William Shakespeare has long been regarded as one of the greatest playwrights of all time. His works have been translated into 80 languages and are read and studied all over the world. There … Continue reading

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What Books On Education Teach Us

By Brian Feinblum, Senior Vice President and Marketing Officer With Teacher Appreciation Day coming up next month, we have education books on the brain. There have been many books written about the education system, from all kinds of vantage points. It … Continue reading

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Is There An Urgency To Your Book Publicity?

photo credit By Brian Feinblum, Senior Vice President and Marketing Officer   Benjamin Franklin, who seemingly invented everything –the post office, lighting rod, bifocals, odometer, and a stove to name a few– once said words to the effect of “Don’t … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Goodreads Queue?

By Adrienne Fontaine, Publicist I very rarely buy books online. I’d rather support the few independent bookstores that are left in my neighborhood and the local Barnes & Noble. One of the things I do like about Amazon is Goodreads, the … Continue reading

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Leading with Your Legacy in Mind: Q&A with Dr. Andrew Thorn

By Cori Cagide, Associate Publicist A client of mine recently inspired me to rethink the concept of legacy. It got me thinking – what will I leave behind when I’m gone? Will I have made a difference? One very important … Continue reading

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Today We’re All Boston Strong: 5 Novels That Celebrate The City of Boston

photo by Anna Patrick By Anna Patrick, Digital Publicist No matter what city you call home, or what sports team you support, we’re all Bostonians today. Today marks the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, and while there are memories … Continue reading

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27 Tips to Help You Pitch the Media

photo credit By Brian Feinblum, Senior Vice President and Marketing Officer Sometimes we get into a slump when it comes to pitching, or maybe we just hit a bad streak with the media. Perhaps you feel overloaded. Maybe our busy … Continue reading

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