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Video’s Failed Assassination Attempt on the Radio Star

photo credit By Emily Labes, Associate Publicist   It seems that every time there is some major technological advancement in broadcast media, there’s always that one guy who pipes up and says: “I’m curious to see how this [insert catchy … Continue reading

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Twitter: The Bookstore?

photo credit Dee Donavanik, Publicity Director   If you have a thought you feel the need to impulsively share, where do you go? Twitter! If you see something you need to impulsively purchase, where do you go? A physical store … Continue reading

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Book By Former New York City Mayor Highlights New York Nuggets Of Wisdom

photo credit By Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer   In a visit this past week to a Barnes & Noble store on 82nd Street and Broadway, near the heart of the Upper West Side, I found myself doing what I … Continue reading

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What Does the Success of ‘Serial’ Mean for the Future of Traditional Radio?

photo credit By Nicole Martineau, Publicist   Podcasts have been around for years, but none in recent memory have been able to generate as much buzz as Serial, a record-breaking nonfiction crime drama created and brilliantly hosted by This American … Continue reading

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2015 Book Trends To Watch For

photo credit By Cori Cagide, Publicist   A recent post on Huffington Post Books had me reminiscing on some of the interesting trends I’ve witnessed in the world of books over the last year. I think we’re finally beyond vampires … Continue reading

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MEDIA CONNECT’s Favorite Books of 2014

photo credit   Here at MEDIA CONNECT books are our jobs. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t enjoy reading in our downtime as well. In fact, outside of working hours, many of us are voracious readers, always on the … Continue reading

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