8 Bookish Podcasts You Need To Listen To


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By Josie Urwin, Publicist


One of the perks of BEA (which took place in NYC last week) is having a chance to catch up with all your bookish pals across the industry and learn about what’s going on in the literary scene. At a party hosted by Bookrageous (in and of itself a great literary podcast!) we got to talking about what our favorite literary podcasts are.

So I figured I’d write up my very first MEDIA CONNECT blog post on the podcasts I’m obsessed with at the moment:


Book Fight

I hadn’t heard about this podcast before last week, but after listening to it I’m hooked, and think it definitely doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. The hosts, writers Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister, talk books for the hour-plus long episodes but it’s really the way they do it that takes the cake. They don’t take discussing books too seriously and they are just hysterical, I’m a big fan of the blurbs section in particular.


Welcome to Night Vale

While not a podcast about books, Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional radio broadcast from the odd town of Night Vale, where librarians are monsters and the faceless old woman is probably harmless but supremely creepy. I can’t recommend this one enough, it really got me hooked on podcasts in general. It’s well written, very funny, and the weather section of the bogus broadcast is just a song from a musician I have usually never heard of before. And better yet, it’s becoming a book this fall!


Books on the Nightstand

Publishing insiders Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman give book recommendations and talk about the behind-the-scenes world of the book industry in Books on the Nightstand. Walk in with an empty TBR list and come out with weeks’ worth of reading material. You won’t be disappointed by their suggestions either.

So Many Damn Books

Christopher and Drew, two big readers, talk books (this is becoming a theme!), publishing, what’s hot and what’s not, and interview some amazing guests. Highly recommend a recent episode where they interview Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians and book critic over at TIME. Grossman offers great insight into how working as a reviewer informs his work as an author, what reviews got him noticed at TIME, his influences as an author, and Mrs. Dalloway. You can’t go wrong with authors you respect discussing books they love in depth.


New Yorker Fiction Podcast

The title of this podcast kind of gives you the gist of what happens on it. On each episode a writer who has been published in the magazine selects a story by another writer to read and discuss. If you’re a fan of the New Yorker but find yourself never having the time to read it (in all seriousness, who keeps up with these each week without a huge stack of yet-to-be-read copies piling up?!) then this one will be a winner for you.

Two Book Minimum

Authors and comedians discussing books, what could be better! Two Book Minimum is one of the funniest bookish podcasts you can perk your ears up to. I’d recommend listening to episodes centered around books you have already read so you can appreciate it even more but if you haven’t read the book they talk about, you will want to pick up a copy right after you hear about it on this podcast.


Lit Up

This is a new podcast hosted by powerhouses Emily Gould and Angela Ledgerwood. They’ve only had a handful of episodes so far but I think it’s going to be a big hit soon enough, especially considering some of the bigshots they have had an opportunity to interview so far (Hanya Yanagihara! Meghan Daum!) and the smart and refreshing way they interview their guests.



I can’t make a list like this without mentioning Otherppl with Brad Listi. It’s one of the most prolific podcasts around, its episodes are in the high three hundreds at this point. In it Brad interviews writers but also editors and publishers. Some of the people he interviews are well-established authors while others are up-and-comers and often editors and publishers from Indie presses get to chip into the conversations as well. It’s a great spot to hear about talent that isn’t widely represented elsewhere.


Happy listening!

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