Tackling PR with New Media


By MK Cornfield

As a book publicist, I am always looking for new ways to showcase our authors and books. Currently, I am working with Leon Logothetis, author of Live, Love, Explore. Leon has lived a very inspiring life. He quit his job as a broker in London on a whim and set out on a seemingly crazy and adventurous mission: to travel across the world on $5.00 a day. He depended on the kindness of others to take him from place to place. Throughout his journey, the people he met, the lessons he learned, and the memories he made have all influenced the person he is today. He now gives back in several ways to show people how inspiring and fulfilling life can be.

Leon’s story has not only influenced people across the globe, but it has also influenced me. Getting the opportunity to work with such an inspiring and passionate individual makes my job more fun. I really wanted to do something unique with Leon’s campaign, something that fit with his message.

Being a Millennial, I am always paying attention to social media way more than I am watching the news on television. Social media is a main source of my news. I read magazines and stories through Snapchat, I read breaking news headlines via Twitter, and I watch news stories on Facebook video. When booking Leon for national news, my head immediately went to Snapchat. I thought that it would be neat if I could get him on a worldwide or even a global Snapchat story—something that would reach a different audience.

After a few emails back and forth with Snapchat’s content team, I learned that there was going to be a Random Acts of Kindness Day global story, and I knew that I had to get Leon on as a correspondent for this story. Sure enough, I continued to email Snapchat back and forth, and before I knew it, Leon was making a trip to Snapchat’s LA offices to meet the team!

Leon’s PR campaign has been a holistic one – a blend of traditional and social media – and includes an upcoming appearance on The Social March 15th. He recently appeared on nearly 20 local  and syndicated television shows, including the nationally syndicated Fox NewsEdge, CBS-TV in Kansas City, Fox-TV in Detroit, CBS-TV in Green Bay, and Fox-TV in Cincinnati. He also was interviewed by 20 radio shows, including: Sirius XM Radio, WGN in Chicago, KFI-AM in Los Angeles, KOGO in San Diego, and KOA in Denver.

Booking Leon on Snapchat might not have been quite the same as booking him on a national television show, but I’m glad I thought outside the box to get Leon a way to share his story in a unique way. To see just what Leon has planned for Random Acts of Kindness Week, check out Snapchat’s global story going live on February 17th.

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Reflecting On The Book Publicity World’s Last 25 Years

on air

This month I am marking 18 years with MEDIA CONNECT (we rebranded from Planned Television Arts five years ago) and I’m approaching 25 years in the book publishing and publicity industry.  So much has changed over the years, both in book publishing and in book marketing.  But I believe the more that changes, the more that stays the same.  This is certainly true when it comes to promoting a book. Continue reading

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Interview With Rodney Walker, Author of “A New Day One”


According to a 2013 article in the New York Times, roughly two-thirds of foster care children do not attend college. Having grown up in fifteen different foster homes on Chicago’s South Side, Rodney J. Walker is no stranger to these odds. However, instead of becoming a heartbreaking statistic, Walker summoned the grit to transcend his surroundings and chart an extraordinary future for himself. Continue reading

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Interview with Don Ake, author of “Just Make Me A Sammich”


Interview with Don Ake, author of Just Make Me A Sammich.

Q: What inspired you to write this book?
A: Even though I eventually wanted to write a book, I never intended to write this one.  I started Ake’s Pains blog in 2011. It gained a following and became very popular, so I decided late in 2013 to compile and organize the posts into a book. Continue reading

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BEA is Back in Chicago – Anyone for a Cubs Game?


By, David Hahn, Managing Director of MEDIA CONNECT

I started attending the annual book industry conference in 1986.  Back then it was simply known as the ABA, the first one I went to held in New Orleans.  Talk about a great city to experience a convention.  Seeing world famous authors was just the icing on the cake when you got to enjoy the food, music and ambiance of New Orleans in the meantime!  Continue reading

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The Race


by Richard Cerasani, a client of Media Connect, and the author of Love Letters From Mount Rushmore. For more information, please see: https://richardcerasani.wordpress.com

Some people are familiar with the song title, “I left my heart in San Francisco.” I am stuck with the phrase, “I left my stomach in New York City.” Shortly after this unromantic phrase became my reality Continue reading

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Facebook & Content Aggregation; “Follow” Your Way to the Future of News-Sharing


By Emily Labes, Publicist

Fortune recently posted an article boldly proclaiming that Facebook now drives more traffic to online news outlets than Google. In the second and a half it took for the page to load on my computer, I went from, “no way is that true, I’ve got to see this” to, “oh, I guess that makes sense,” to, “of course it does!”

I think a lot of us, particularly millennials, probably don’t realize that in participating in social media, we aren’t just “staying connected” to those people in our “network,” we’re staying connected to an entire digital community of trending topics Continue reading

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Interview with Dr. Louise Stanger, Author of “Falling Up”


“I remember when my father died.  I was seven years old.”

The opening lines of Dr. Louise Stanger’s memoir of renewal, Falling Up, indicate just the beginning of what has turned into a life of loss and challenge – and of perseverance and accomplishment.  Dr. Stanger, a prominent addiction interventionist, has had to overcome more than her fair share of troubles. Continue reading

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Interview with Julie Gwinn, Literary Agent at The Seymour Agency

Julie Gwinn Headshot

Julie Gwinn, currently a literary agent with The Seymour Agency, has more than a decade in Christian publishing including serving as marketing manager then Fiction Publisher for B&H Publishing Group and Marketing Manager for Abingdon Press.

Q: What information do you need from an author on their initial contact with you?
A: I want to know the story idea, their bio and why their book is unique. I also need to know word count and if the project is complete. Publishers want to see a full manuscript Continue reading

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Follow The 2016 Literary Calendar


By Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer, SVP

2016 has many special dates, anniversaries, and honorary moments that should be celebrated, especially when it comes to those related to books. How will you make the most of these days? Beware of them, tell others, participate in events that support them, and use them, when possible, as a marketing or publicity hook for your book when contacting the news media.

Library Lovers Month
February 14 – International Book Giving Day
February 23 – Printed Book Day Continue reading

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