A New York (And Chicago) State of Mind


After seven wonderful and crazy years in New York City, I recently decided to move to Chicago. I knew that it would be a difficult transition since I often proclaimed by undying love for NYC.

Below is a list of comparisons of the two cities from my point of view.

Central Park Zoo vs. Lincoln Park Zoo


NYC has penguins and Chicago has this crazy monkey. The point goes to Chicago because their zoo is free! You guys, A FREE ZOO!

NYC pizza vs. Chicago deep dish


Point goes to Chicago because of CHEEEEEESE!

NYC bagels vs. Chicago bagels


I don’t even think this category can be compared and NYC gets the point for deliciousness.

NYC Publishing vs. Chicago Publishing


I knew that it would be a difficult transition moving to the mid-west since so much of the book publishing industry is in NYC. But Chicago isn’t lacking in book culture and the people here are incredibly passionate and welcoming to an outsider. I recently attended a Chicago Literati event and I enjoyed mingling with authors, editors, agents, sellers, and other publicists. Although there are more literary events in NYC on a given night, I was pleasantly surprised by the large eclectic group that attended this event on a Tuesday night in Chicago.

Sadly, I have to give this point to NYC for growing my love of this industry and teaching me a lot of tough lessons along the way.

So my love of two cities is divided and probably will be for years to come. One thing that makes the move easier is knowing I can always visit the Media Connect New York office.

By Jennifer Musico, MC Publicity Manager

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