Author Bios


Anna Patrick

Anna Patrick is a Digital Publicist with MEDIA CONNECT. Anna plans and executes blogger outreach campaigns and works closely with authors to develop smart, focused social media strategies. Her passion for online media, blogs, social media and books is exemplified in each personalized campaign she works on. In addition to blogging for MEDIA CONNECT, Anna also Tweets for the MEDIA CONNECT Twitter. Anna is also active on social media, maintaining her own blog on Tumblr, as well as her LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Johanna Dickson

Johanna Dickson is a Digital Publicist with MEDIA CONNECT who maintains the MEDIA CONNECT website. Johanna develops and executes comprehensive online campaigns for her authors. She has an extensive background in online media and digital publicity. She is also very active on social media such as her Twitter and Tumblr.


Cori Cagide

Cori Cagide is an Associate Publicist at MEDIA CONNECT. In addition to currating MEDIA CONNECT’s Facebook, Cori works on online, radio, and national television portions of campaigns. Follow Cori on LinkedInTwitter, and Pinterest.

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