Adding Ease to eReading

Since the tablet craze kicked off, and eReaders gained popularity, the Kindle has established itself as one of the front-running eReaders of choice. Plenty of tablet-toting readers still own devices like the Nook, KOBO, Sony Reader, BeBook and beyond, but updates to the Kindle continue to take the stage.

On September 28, announced the release of the Kindle Fire tablet — Amazon’s true competitive product to the Apple iPad. According to founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, the device will begin shipping November 21, 2011. In addition to the announcement of the Kindle Fire ($199), Bezos announced a Kindle Touch ($99), as well as a non-touch Kindle for $79.

For more information on the launch of the new line of Amazon Kindles, including features, release dates, and price points, check out this post from EW’s “Shelf Life.”

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