App Happy: Note Everything

Looking for that perfect app to keep all your thoughts organized without having a million pieces of paper scattered all over your desk? Note Everything, a free app in the Android Market, allows you to electronically organize your thoughts (in the form of a notepad) in one location. You start out with a main folder, but you can easily create additional folders (with the ability to create subfolders as well).

Within each folder, you have the option to create a variety of different notes. You can write your typical text note, you can record a voice note, or you can even draw/paint a note (for all you artistic people). You also have the option to import notes using Google Docs and Barcode Scanner. You’re required to have separate apps for these features, but they’re both free as well!

With Note Everything, you’re able to share notes with others via text messaging, social media platforms, e-mail, etc. Another helpful feature of this app is the ability to sync your notes with the calendar on your Android powered phone. This really comes in handy when you have a “To-Do” list, especially when deadlines are involved.

You’re also able to customize the app, whether it’s changing the background/font color, text size, typeface, etc. Make it your own!

With over 17,000 ratings in the Android Market, Note Everything has received 4.5/5 stars, which I definitely agree with. Compared to other note-taking apps on the market, I’d have to say this one wins the race.

Note Everything Screen Shots

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