How Authors Can Break into the News Cycle

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by Madeleine Ball, Media Connect Publicist

If it’s not the latest on capitol hill, a natural disaster, or a mind-blowing investigation, how can authors and experts grab the attention of the press? Don’t let today’s unpredictable news cycle keep you from getting the word about your book. No matter what’s going on in the news, there is an outlet – whether local, specialized or national — that is in dire need of a quote, fact, anecdote or research. Here are a few ways that our experienced book publicists at Media Connect have placed books in the news despite the competition for headlines.

1. Think Like a Reporter
How can this book and author serve as a source? Non-fiction and even fiction authors who write on topics such as politics/history, tech, business, health or psychology (just to name a few genres) are in luck. Reporters will always be on the hunt for credible, knowledgeable sources for comment. While it might take a while to dig through the top stories on politics these days, books and authors are still sources and news items. A new book is news.

2. Is It Trending? Probably
A creative pitch and engaging press materials will go a long way here. Study the latest trends: it’s probable that a title—new or old— fits in somewhere. Take Dr. Traci Stein, MPH—she is an expert on human relationships and integrative medicine. If you’ve read women’s interest lately, the topic of healthy relationship boundaries has been trending for weeks. Bustle, a purveyor of trends, has called upon Dr. Stein’s expertise in four articles with more to come.

3. Content on Content!  
In a content-driven digital world, a stockpile of a must. It’s worth producing articles, questions, or research that you, the author or expert, can place online in a blog or on social media/networking site. This comes in handy: as publicists at MC reach out to reporters, they want to see where our clients have been and just how much they really know about their area of expertise (and of course, see how well you can write). The production of consistent social media and blog material has become more important than ever, and is a leg up when pitching a byline, quote, feature or review.

4. Provide Your Expert Opinion
Breaking into breaking news can be tough—the competition is real. But if you can quickly provide commentary on breaking news or major news events, writing up a statement or opinion piece and emphasizing relevant credentials can land you a quote in print or a slot on the air. Time and place is everything here, so act fast—the press is on deadline!

Innovation has met PR in so many ways, from the integration of digital marketing and social media to just simply getting crafty with the pitch. At MC, we don’t shy away from any technique for garnering the best media available, even when the media is consumed with breaking news.

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