Curling up with a Good Game for the Opening of Book Season


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By David Hahn, Managing Director


Isn’t Opening Day of Book Season great? The anticipation. The feel of the opening page.  The cheap ticket that still gives you in a box seat with a close up view. The promise of something great!

And the best thing about Book Season is that it never ends! Talk about the never-ending summer. Your team is always in the playoff race. If you’re suffering through a losing streak, you can switch genres. If a game is out of reach and going very badly, you can end the game anytime you want. And no one cares! You don’t have to pretend to be the coach…you are the coach. You get to pick out the team each time.

Yes, Book Season is special.

Every book offers the potential of a perfect game; a walk off home run; a twist you didn’t see coming, a rookie you’ve never heard of coming in and blowing you away with his talent. Every game offers the potential of a bicycle kick going in for a goal, a series of one touch passes building up to a perfect cross, a header going into the upper right off a corner kick, a diving save by the goalie of a penalty kick just when the game was getting a bit boring. And best of all, each game has a play you’ve never seen before!

Oh. And is it international? You bet! You can watch a game in every part of the world 24-hours a day. And you don’t need any sort of package. Sometimes the game doesn’t translate as well in other countries, but it’s there for the taking.

In the mood for a doubleheader? Go ahead, start game two right after game one ends.  Weather crappy? Go ahead and move the game into a domed stadium. Beer too expensive?  Heck, bring your own. And Thank God the bathroom lines are really short.

And away games have such variety. They take place in libraries, hotel rooms, trains, planes, beaches, vacation homes and occasionally a café. And for home games you always get your favorite seat. And if a cat wants to sit on your lap during the game, that only adds to the pleasure.

Yes, I’m always excited about the beginning of Book Season. It always offers the promise of something great and I can start it whenever I want!

Play ball!


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