Finn Partners Hunter Mountain Retreat 2012

Group Photo

I’d always thought of the Catskills in a dreamy way, thinking of Baby and Johnny in the classic summer romance movie, “Dirty Dancing.”  Having only been there once, I was thrilled with the opportunity to hightail it from Manhattan and get some fresh air at the Finn Partners summer retreat earlier this week in Hunter Mountain. Going into the retreat, I really didn’t know anyone and was  excited to go along for the ride. I came away learning a lot and was fortunate to meet twenty new people – all of whom are engaging, smart, funny, creative, and cool. I learned how to get the most out of brainstorming, presenting and rolestorming. I was successful at making homemade s’mores over a grill (it was raining). Most importantly, I got to really understand how Finn Partners is genuinely dedicated to the growth of its employees. Retreat can mean many things, from retire or withdraw to a period for meditation. This one was the latter – but more than meditation by oneself, it was a eye-opening collaboration among colleagues and friends.

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