Finn Sets Sail: MEDIA CONNECT Reflects on the Fourth Annual Summer Boat Cruise

2015 Boat Cruise

Back row, left to right: Gil Pagovich, Emily Labes, Adrienne Fontaine, Gayle Pitone, Josie Urwin, Cori Cagide, Jow Smith, Anna Patrick and Steve Matteo. From row, left to right: Dawn Frederick, Johanna Dickson, Lindsey Hall and Brian Feinblum.













This past Wednesday, July 29th, marked the fourth annual Finn Partners summer boat cruise. Finn Partners employees from all divisions came together, boarded the Cornucopia and spent the day dancing, toasting and dining on Manhattan’s Hudson River.

Below are reflections from MEDIA CONNECT on the annual event:

My personal highlight of the day was right after we docked, a group of us from all different departments went and played laser tag. It was so fun to feel like a kid again! We’re such a collaborative group as a whole and it always gives me a chance to reflect on how nice it is to work with people who genuinely enjoy being around one another.
One thing I observed was that a lot of people migrate to New York to have the “experience.” Working at Finn Partners, and having days like the boat cruise where we can look around and admire the city, are exactly the type of “experience” so many of us dream of when living here. –Lindsey Hall, Publicist

“Wednesday was a particularly hot day. However, in true publicist fashion, we mixed, mingled, and talked our way through the pain!” –Cori Cagide, Publicist

“I think, for me, the best part is shaking up the environment and doing something different – and enjoying some summer fun! It reminded me how important it is to have a different backdrop and reconnect with people. Of course seeing everyone’s hilarious dance moves doesn’t hurt either. I can’t say enough good things about the chilled cheesecake – a perfect dessert for a hot summer day! This year the boat went a different course than it did last year, up toward the Bronx, so it was great seeing a part of the river that I haven’t seen before.

I’m about to make a move to our DC office, so this was a great summer send-off, I feel fortunate to be a part of the Finn team.” –Anna Patrick, Digital Publicist

“In spite of the heat, we had a great day! It was so nice for the whole office to go on an outing together, and it was great to get to socialize with other divisions as well.” –Emily Labes, Associate Publicist

“My favorite part [of the cruise] was getting to know people from other divisions – while enjoying the beautiful day in the sun!” –Gayle Pitone, Associate Publicist

“Despite the intense heat, the breeze off the water felt like a luxury and the stunning views of New York and New Jersey made it an enjoyable time. Of course spending the day with your co-workers out of the office is always a bonus” –Johanna Dickson, Digital Publicist

“My favorite part was taking the group photo, and feeling the positive energy. A personal highlight would have to be seeing Richard Funess dance. Overall, the event brings people together for a fun time, and it just takes a cool breeze and a great view of the city to reinvigorate yourself!” –Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer, SVP

“I always have a grand time attending the company event of the season. As one who resides on an island, it’s always great to actually board a boat and view the scenery from the ocean! The food was great and I loved talking to staffers I never get a chance to meet routinely.” –Dawn Frederick, Receptionist/Office Services

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