How Will Authors Make a Good Interview Impression?










By Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer of MEDIA CONNECT

How does an author make a good impression during a media interview, video, or speaking engagement?

Will the author use humor, wit, new information, outrageous declarations, or the raising of interesting questions to lure you in.  Will they tell good stories or have a great way of phrasing things?  How about if they have a cool accent, look unusual, dress well, or are very attractive?  Maybe their voice is forceful or melodic and perhaps they exude a level of passion and energy in their mannerisms.  Any and all of these things can be a key factor in whether a positive impression is made.

Writers are focused on words and ideas and substance.  But they need to look beyond the printed page and look at their 3-D image and improve accordingly.  What changes can an author make that will quickly play a difference in how people perceive and respond to them?

One can tinker with the physical – hair, clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes, accessories, eyewear, hats, etc.  Authors can do a makeover that helps portray the image others would gravitate to.

Authors shouldn’t feel they have to change for anyone, but they can alter how others view them if they hope to get positive attention for their work.  Authors can let their merits speak for themselves, but they can also promote and market in a way that calls attention to them.  Such attention only comes – and can be maintained – if one changes their look, style, sound, and presence.

Other factors that shape your image include what you say publicly, whom you associate with, what your views are when it comes to politics and social issues, and what you are like as a person beyond the book.

Do you have a pet?  Kids?  What kinds of cars do you have?  What are your hobbies?  Do you travel a lot?  It’s like a building a singles dating profile – authors need to give consideration to how they come off to others.

They say not to judge a book by its cover.  How about by its author?

We can’t all write anonymously and keep out of the public’s eye.  In order to build a brand, sell books, and impact society with your message, you need to get out there with tweets, Facebook posts, bookstore signings, media appearances, and You Tube videos.

Don’t be shy and don’t overlook an opportunity to change your image.  The success of your writing depends on this.

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