Mailbox Monday: August 20th

Happy Monday!

Below is a selection of recent highlights worth mentioning…

Twitter: A Day in the Life: As we’ve stated, we have a love for infographics, and we’re sure you Twitter addicts will find this one helpful as well. Unsurprisingly, photos make up more than a third of all links shared on the social network. It’s all about the visual.

Social Media: Nothing New?: Turns out Commonplace Books might have started it all: a collection of personal anthologies from readers and writers, back in the fourteenth-century. An interesting Sexy Beast read by author Kelsey McKinney, on her theory of a traceable path to today’s technological growth.

Publishing Is Broken: Yes, the article title seems disheartening but David Vinjamuri’s Forbes article on the industry’s transformation is actually uplifting and enlightening. Be it music or books, it seems as if we’re living in the age of Indie. Do you agree?

Speaking of the future of publishing…

Who Needs Publishers & Bookstores? We do, we do, we do! If you’re unsure of the answer to this question, be sure to read a new Huffington Post article. William Petrocelli weighs in on the book biz, as a mighty defender of what’s being doomed to be obsolete. A refreshing read to say the least.

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Until next time..

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