Mailbox Monday: September 17

September is the month of change – a change in season, a change in routines (back-to-school!), and as book publicists we see a rapid change of activity in the publishing industry (fall releases!). Needless to say, there’s a plethora of exciting news we’d like to share with you!

We remember fan fiction communities being somewhat unknown just a few years ago, existing comfortably under the radar.  Now it seems that it has become a growing phenomenon, with the power to change the book industry (eh em, 50 Shades). Watch a new Sky News video that discusses the publishing revolution – one that is not so gloomy after all: Online Fan Fiction Changes the Face of Publishing.

Unfamiliar with PR? Read a new article that creatively ties-in Disney movies with lessons on public relations. Turns out Aladdin did much more than show us the world, he taught us that a new look can make all the difference: What Disney movies say about public relations.

We have to admit, we weren’t too surprised when we read that according to a new report from Bowker Market Research, it was found that more than half of YA books are purchased by adults. Twilight, Harry Potter, yep we’ve read them all.. guilty as charged. Forever young: More than Half of YA Books Purchased by Adults. 

Much of our job at MC is working with various (and amazing) book reviewers — and the debate over the relevence of reviews is always of great interest to us. Book reviews are anything but irrelevant – they are vital. “What we need more of…are excellent and authoritative and punishing critics.” Hear, hear! Some strong points on both sides are made in a new essay on Check it out and decide for yourself: Is This Book Bad, or Is It Just Me? The Anatomy of Book Reviews.

Have an opinion? Or just want to share other exciting news? Make it heard and drop us a comment or message! We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time..

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