Mailbox Monday: September 24

We can hardly believe that this is the last Mailbox Monday of September! Yet, more importantly, we can hardly believe we almost forgot that today is National Punctuation Day! Yes, it’s a celebrated “holiday” for grammar lovers. Are you one of those people who is obsessive over the proper usage of commas, colons, and quotation marks? Well today is your day, so rejoice! In honor of the “holiday”, find out a select few of “Writer’s Favorite Punctuation Marks” from The Atlantic Wire.

As we’ve previously mentioned, we’re counting down to the release of J.K. Rowling’s highly-anticipated adult novel The Casual Vacancy. If you’re as impatient as we are, you’ll definitely appreciate The New Yorker’s recent profile of J.K: MUGGLEMARCH. Their perfectly-titled article includes juicy tidbits about the book, but proceed with caution, as it has some major spoiler alerts.

It seems as if controversy and Walmart go hand-in-hand. There’s much debate over their decision to drop the Kindle – which has completely grabbed our interest. Make sure to read a new article from Media Bistro: “Is Walmart Afraid of Kindle (and the Future)?“.

.. And while we’re on the topic of Kindles, the issue of library e-book lending is gaining considerable momentum. Take a look at the American Library Association’s open letter to publishers on the subject matter. Which side are you on?

As publicists who are football enthusiasts, we had to share PR Daily’s recent article on what college football teaches us about PR. It turns out the two are more similar than you would think. Thank you college football for teaching us some valuable PR lessons! “It’s all about the team.”

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