MEDIA CONNECT Deskscape Series: What’s On Publicist Cori Cagide’s Desk?

The following article is a part of our Deskscape Series. Many of us spend up to eight or nine hours at our desks per day, making our “deskscapes” a creative reflection of the book publicity work we do for our clients every day.

Publicist Cori Cagide shares some of her favorite parts of her deskscape:

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While most days in book publicity are fun and exciting, there are some days that can leave you feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed and sometimes burnt out. It always helps to have a little reminder that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and you’re doing what you love for a reason.

By my desk, I keep a mug with a glittery “R” on it for Rutgers University, to remind me of all the time and effort I put in during my time at school to get to where I am now. I spent my last semester at school as an intern with MEDIA CONNECT, and was lucky enough to gain full time employment the Monday after my graduation. It’s a great reminder that hard work definitely pays off.

Atop that delightful mug is a cupcake, which also doubles as a de-stress device. As a publicist, that is something I grab onto quite frequently when I need to, let’s say, “goooossfraabahhh” (that’s from the Jack Nicholson movie, “Anger Management,” for anyone that now thinks I’m a crazy person).

Beside that mug sit my many colored post-its (those were all that could fit in the shot). I’m super organized, and I’m constantly writing post-it notes to myself to leave on my computer screen. Nine times out of ten, they are work-related, but sometimes I’ll throw an inspirational one in there to keep me motivated.

Lastly, my creepy little dog figurine, to remind me of my beloved Golden companion, Bailey, and also of my adorably dopey puppy, Charlie. Every time I look at that, or the calendar of photos of him to my left on motorcycles, in tractor trailers, in costume, etc. (my dad made that calendar, and I am 100% aware that some people are too in love with their pets, I just don’t think he is aware of it yet, as he recently created a Facebook page for him), it always makes me laugh. As annoying as I find him most days, he’s pretty damn cute and always good for a laugh.


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