MEDIA CONNECT Interview Series: Alexander Kaufman of HuffPo Business

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Alexander C. Kaufman is an associate editor on The Huffington Post’s business desk. Previously, he worked as a staff reporter at the International Business Times, The Wrap and The Boston Globe.


AKaufmanMC: What book are you reading right now?
Alexander C. Kaufman: I’m reading THE POWERHOUSE by Steve LeVine, a journalist at Quartz. I’m also reading Haruki Murakami’s NORWEGIAN WOOD. I just finished THE WILD SHEEP CHASE by Murakami, so I’m really into him right now.


MC: When you’re not at the office, what do you like to do?
AK: I like to read, go for hikes, practice meditation, drink beer in pubs with my friends, cook, take pictures, and eat exotic foods.

MC: What’s your biggest pet peeve when working with publicists?
AK: Getting phone calls asking if I’ve seen the press release they just sent. Also, getting pitches for things that don’t apply to what I write about. If you’re going to pitch to me, do me the courtesy of reading at least the headlines of the last few things I have written.


MC:  What is one of the best success stories you’ve experienced working with a publicist?
AK: Right around the time I started writing frequently about Tesla Motors, a publicist connected me with an analyst who remains today a frequent a reliable source for me.


MC: What’s your favorite part about working at your job?
AK: I love to write and read and I do that all day long.



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