MEDIA CONNECT Interview Series: Ami Greko of Goodreads

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Ami is also founder of Book Camp NYC.


AmiGrekoMC:  What book are you reading right now?

AG:  I always like to read books of authors I think I might run into at BEA, so I’ve just finished the stunning, gorgeous Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, and the hilarious Thrown, which is a nonfiction book about MMA fighters written by former philosophy PhD Kerry Howley. Both worth queuing up for galleys!


MC:  What is one of the best success stories you’ve experienced working with a publicist?

AG:  I work with amazing publicists from so many different areas of publishing! The biggest successes always come from people who are extremely enthusiastic about a title and are willing to keep trying to find a good angle for the author on Goodreads.


MC:  What’s your preferred lead time? Will you consider older, but timely titles?

AG:  I love hearing about older titles! Goodreads is a community of readers, so they are less concerned about things like publication date and more concerned with “is this a book I will enjoy?” Definitely think of Goodreads for paperback publication as well.


MC:  What’s one piece of advice you have for book publicists?

AG:  Please please please make sure that I have catalogs as early as possible. I don’t mind if they are print or digital, but it is super helpful to have them as an overview of what is upcoming. Bonus points if you can give me an overview of your breakout books.



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