MEDIA CONNECT Interview Series: Matt Holt, Publisher at Wiley


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MEDIA CONNECT: Do you mind being approached by an author directly instead of through an agent?
Matt Holt: 
Direct communication with authors is welcome. Everyone is connected, it’s easy to get to an editor through another author, LinkedIn, or just an internet search.


MC: Do you need to see a whole book or do sample chapters work for you?
We rarely need to see an entire book, unless it’s designed or visual or packaged in a way that helps us understand the project better.


MC: What types of business books do you specialize in?
We specialize in mostly in books written by practitioners, books that teach something to someone, solve a problem and deal with a pain point.


MC: What makes for an ideal working relationship with your authors?
 I think that the best author relationships are ones built on honest communication, understanding each other’s needs and wants and laying out our expectations for each other. Less transactional and more relationship-driven. Someone that you want to have a beer with and talk.


MC: What’s your favorite place for a publishing lunch? Favorite dish?
When I first moved to NYC (from San Francisco) in 2001 I thought that it was going to be lunches and fancy parties. Most of that is from some bygone era, I mostly eat at my desk or with colleagues over a glamourous sandwich.


Matthew Holt is Vice President and Executive Publisher at Wiley overseeing the global business, education and Dummies programs. Throughout his twenty years in publishing he has had the honor of publishing numerous New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers. He’s most proud of his relationships with his terrific authors and wonderful colleagues.


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