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MEDIA CONNECT: How do you prefer to be contacted? Phone, fax, email? Are there specific days or time of days that you prefer to be contacted? (i.e. What are your cut-off times before and after the show?)
Ray Hennessy:
 I prefer to be contacted via e-mail — anytime.


MC: What do you want to see and when? Catalogs? Galleys? Finished books? Do you want to see all books or only select titles? Please be as specific as possible.
 We receive a large volume of books each day, many of which go unread; therefore, it’s best for you to reach out to an editor directly with a short pitch and see if there’s any interest before you send. Topics of greatest interest to us include leadership, productivity and management. We accept both galleys and finished books.


MC: What is your lead-time? How far in advance would you like to know about upcoming books?
 As an online publication, we are able to work quickly. Ideally, we’d like to receive two to three weeks’ notice before a book drops so we can coordinate coverage accordingly.


MC: Do you prefer to deal with one person at each house? If so, who? Or are you open to contact from individual publicists?
 I’m open to contact from individual publicists.


MC: Who else should we send books or galleys to at the show? (i.e. food producer, lifestyle producer, etc.)
 Books should be sent to the writer who best fits the topic. Here’s a link to our staff page, with notes about what each editor/reporter covers. Again, we encourage you to send a short pitch and await a response before sending the actual book.


MC: Please briefly outline your demographics.
RH: has more than 9 million monthly visitors and 933,000 email subscribers. We count more than 4.5 million followers across all social networks and have the best, most dynamic audience in the business.


Ray Hennessy is editorial director of Ray was previously director of business news at the FOX Business Network, where he managed day-to-day editorial operations for the channel. Before joining FOX News in 2007, he spent a decade at Dow Jones in a variety of positions, notably editor of and news editor for Dow Jones Newswires. For six years, he authored the IPO Outlook column for The Wall Street Journal and appeared daily on CNBC television. He was also a regular on-air contributor to CBS News.


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