MEDIA CONNECT Interviews Maggie Linton

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Maggie LintonMEDIA CONNECT:  What book are you reading right now?

Maggie Linton:  I read about 5 – 8 books per week. In most cases, I don’t read every word, but know enough about a book to ask intelligent questions and chat with authors. Reading now: Boys in the Boat, Brothers Forever, Confessions of the World’s Best Father & Auto Biography


MC:  When you’re not at The Maggie Linton Show, what do you like to do?

ML:  Travel, cook, listen to audio books, look at sports, read and photography.


MC:  What’s your biggest pet peeve when working with publicists?

ML:  Number one: Not calling me direct. A single phone call can take care of 5 to 10 emails to get a time and date confirmed. I get 100-150 emails per day. Plus our company has a serious filtering system. I miss stuff. Number two: Sending info in #10 size font or smaller. It’s not like we’re using paper. PLEASE use larger font! Also lying about guests having landlines, when they only have cells.


MC:  What’s your favorite part about working at The Maggie Linton Show?

ML:  I love to talk with people and get their story out, especially if it’s something important that listeners can learn from or be entertained by.


MC:  What types of books are you tired of covering? What are you hoping to do more of?

ML:  1: Self-help; 2: Someone 20 years old being an authority on life; 3: People whining about how tough life is, and I’m not much on Sci-fi & Fantasy. More of: Interesting memoirs, most anything financial from real estate to investing, entertainment pros, etc.


MC:  What’s your preferred lead time? Will you consider older, but timely titles?

ML:  Preferred lead: 3-weeks to a month. Older titles are OK, but relevant to something. IE, release of paperback, etc.


MC:  What’s one piece of advice you have for book publicists?

ML:  Don’t contact us if you only have 10-minutes. I’ve turned down Martha Stewart and others for that short of time. We’ve got 2-hours to fill and want guests who can talk and are lively. We’re not a news or morning show. We want guests who can chat for minimum 20-30-minutes. We’re willing to tape after Noon, Monday through Friday, but prefer live during show hours 10am – Noon ET.


MC:  When pitching, what is the best way to get your attention (i.e. subject lines)?

ML:  Make it interesting, tie-in to something happening in the news, things people can relate to, history, overcoming setbacks, etc.



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