Meet our MEDIA CONNECT Team: Anna Patrick

In this week’s Meet MEDIA CONNECT profile we spotlight assistant digital publicist Anna Patrick.

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MEDIA CONNECT: Is there a person or event that shaped you to be who you are today? How so?

Anna Patrick: I would say that aside from my parents, of course, both my grandparents, Pauline and David, shaped me into who I am today by giving me such a loving foundation. I spent nearly everyday at their house growing up, and between my grandfather’s strength and my grandmother’s endless compassion together they encompassed the epitome of what a great person can be. They showed me the depths of the human spirit through their own patience and kindness, even to the end of their battles with cancer. I still smile when I think of my grandfather, a former lawyer for the CIA and robust outdoorsman, laying in the grass playing My Little Pony with a seven year old. I can still hear my grandmother calling me into the kitchen after hours of meal preparation that I never prompted her for. I see them in nature, in a freshly fallen snow, and in the pages of a great book. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of them, especially all the little moments.

MC: If you weren’t promoting books, what would you be doing?

AP: Writing one! Or trying to, at least. I completed a new adult fiction manuscript my senior year of college with the guidance of a couple of a my writing professors, and it’s still a work in progress. It’s a dark, new age version of Alice In Wonderland, perhaps inspired by my dreamy days laying in the grass as a kid, as mentioned above. I have taken classes with Gotham Writers and done a Publisher’s Weekly bootcamp class to keep myself working on it post-college, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive feedback. I have a dream of getting it published one day.


MC: What is one of your favorite quotes?

AP: “Be truthful, gentle, and fearless,” by Gandhi. I feel that it applies to life in so many ways, including my publicity style! I started reading books on Gandhi when I was a little girl, and finally studied him formally for a semester in college. My mom sent me a card with this quote on it when I first moved out on my own, and I still keep it at my desk to this day.


MC: If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

AP: If we’re talking literature, Fyodor Dostoevsky. Ever since I read Crime And Punishment in high school I tried to read every Dostoevsky novel I could get my hands on, and I am still reading his works one by one. Which, due to length, could very well take me my whole life. The Brothers Karamazov is one of the only books I have ever read where I truly felt like a different person after I read the last line and put the book down. If I met him, even for a moment, I would love to ask him if he was planning on killing off Alyosha in the sequel he was planning before his death… I had my suspicions.


MC: Who’s the most impressive author you’ve ever worked with?

AP: I am currently working with legendary comedian George Wallace to promote his debut book, “Laff It Off!” I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wallace when he came into our office for our initial meeting, and I can truly say that he is a natural comedian and has such a warm energy! He really knows how to engage people. His message, using laughter to get through hard times, is something I always strive to remember. In his book he talks about a range of topics from aging to parenting, and covers them all in a lighthearted way, and it helps me to remember that every new phase of life I encounter has a potential for laughs. Especially the new journey I started when I moved here to New York City after college, and I blew a fuse in my pre-war apartment by turning the microwave on while the TV was on. A mistake I haven’t made twice.


MC: What do authors need to know about promoting a book?

AP: Social media is your biggest ally. By utilizing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, a personal blog, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram you can not only build a loyal readership, but you can reach out to and engage your readers directly. When authors ask me for examples of another author who really understands social media, I always point them to Paulo Coelho.


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