Meet our MEDIA CONNECT Team: David Hahn

In this week’s Meet MEDIA CONNECT profile we spotlight Managing Director David Hahn.

 David Hahn Headshot - Current

MEDIA CONNECT: What do you enjoy about working at MEDIA CONNECT?

David Hahn: I’ve always been a book lover and part of me has always enjoyed being an organizer. So I guess running a book publicity division is a dream job in a way. I love the excitement of working on a new set of books every six months or so and have always enjoyed getting to know the authors. At the same time I’ve mentored many publicists over the years and remain friends with many of them. I’m especially excited about the current staff and know we have many talented people on board.

MC: How do you keep energized?

DH: I’m a bit of an introvert so I find that I especially enjoy having time to myself to recharge.  Whether it’s hiking, biking or reading those activities do a lot for my peace of mind.


MC: If you weren’t a publicist, what would you like to be?

DH: A professional flutist. I studied for a number of years but never went beyond playing in some student chamber music groups. That was always fun.  I know it takes a great deal of discipline to play on a professional level and I’m sure it gets routine at times, but I envy that ability and capacity to make music with other’s.


MC: What was your favorite book growing up?

DH: Not surprisingly, growing up in a bucolic small town named Arden outside Wilmington, Delaware, my favorite book was Robin Hood. Arden was fashioned after an olde English town with common greens, a Gild Hall, and was surrounded by forest- Sherwood Forest of course. And the street I lived on was Sherwood Road! It’s a story easy to get lost in and I think the freedom that Robin Hood enjoyed was especially attractive.  Who wouldn’t want to live in the woods, living off the land with a beautiful girlfriend and a bunch of friends to enjoy life with!


MC: What are your favorite inventions?

DH: These days I’m especially fond of EZ Pass, Satellite Radio and Wiper Fluid! I spend a lot of time in my car commuting!


MC: What has life’s biggest surprise been so far?

DH: It’s an easy answer in my case. Having triplets!  My wife and I are blessed with five children, three of whom came in a package deal. We enjoy have a large family and probably live through our children more than we should. But at the same time that helps keep us young – or at least younger that we might be otherwise!


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