Meet Our MEDIA CONNECT Team: Dee Donavanik

In this week’s Meet MEDIA CONNECT profile we spotlight Publicity Director of MEDIA CONNECT DC, Dee Donavanik.


MEDIA CONNECT: If you weren’t promoting books, what would you be doing?

Dee Donavanik: I’d like to think I’d be doing something creative or perhaps working with music.  Maybe combine the two and do publicity for a music venue or radio station (and get free access to concerts in the process)!

MC: What was the last book you recommended to someone?

DD: “You’re Not Pretty Enough” by Jennifer Tress is hilarious memoir. (Disclaimer:  She’s currently one of our clients!)


MC: Who’s the most impressive author you’ve ever worked with?

DD: There have been so many impressive authors, but we’ve done a few radio tours for Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) over the years. I remember he serenaded me over the phone with a little “Puff the Magic Dragon” substituting my name in for Little Jackie Paper! That was an unforgettable experience.


MC: What do you love most about working in book publishing? Any favorite authors/books?

DD: I love the diversity of authors/topics we get to work with. You end up knowing a little bit about a lot of things! One of the very first accounts I worked on was promoting a book by Kathie Lee Gifford, who was hilarious and super nice. I’d hang out with her and Hoda any day.


MC:  Which skills/characteristics/interests do you believe make for a really good book publicist?

DD: A good book publicist needs to be creative. They should have the ability to see things from different perspectives and know when and how to change their approach when pitching various media. Patience and persistence definitely help also!


MC:  What would you invent to make the world better — or at least more enjoyable?

DD: I’m ready for teleportation to be a real thing… Travelling would be so much easier.


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