My Dinner with Katharine Weymouth, Publisher of The Washington Post

Katharine Weymouth, the publisher of The Washington Post is re-inventing the way they cover news. “It is no longer a morning paper,” she said in her talk at the American News Women’s Club this week.  “It is a 24/7 operation,” she says.  The first meeting of the day is held at 6:00AM.

Katharine Weymouth and Phil Trupp

The first thing she did as a new publisher was to merge print and online. There was such a small amount of trust between them that Pulitzer Prize winning reporters were reluctant to share what they were working on until the very last minute. Today print and online are working together as a team.

One morning at Starbucks, “the guy who reviews books for NPR” came up to her and starting yelling and cursing at her for “killing” the Book World supplement. It is now in the Outlook section. She said it just couldn’t support itself. But it is doing well in its new location.

She’s learned that she doesn’t have to be the smartest one in the room. It’s her style to surround herself with the smartest people and she listens.
Katharine is determined to keep the hard copy issue of the Post ongoing and even says that the demo includes younger people.

What is one of her favorite magazines?  She is a proud reader of PEOPLE.

By Sandy Trupp/  Partner/ Finn Partners Media Connect DC

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