(Nearly) New Year, New Office

For many, January signals a fresh start to a new year. For Media Connect the new year arrived early as did our “fresh start”.  Last week we moved from a space in New York that has been our home for over 10 years and back into the heart of the Finn Partners offices. Although only across the street the move meant a bit of upheaval for the senior members of our staff who had collected paperwork, videotapes, knick knacks, and of course books, books and even more books over the past decade.

There were mountains of memories to plow through and decisions to be made: keep, giveaway or toss. Less storage in our new space meant that it was necessary to practice what I’ll call “tough love” when making the decision.  A file from 1996 – gone; video of the cookbook author from 2002 – gone! With an icy demeanor and nerves of steel I filled up over 20 bags with my Media Connect paper and video history.

As I dug through everything I was struck by memories of kind clients, successful projects, inspiring authors. Among the highlights, President Jimmy Carter who was both professional and surprisingly approachable; Rob Lowe who was charismatic, ridiculously good looking, and passionate about health care issues; Whoopi Goldberg; Jimmy Buffett and so many more. Tops on my list… Christopher and Dana Reeve who invited us into their home to promote the first book he released after his accident. Their love for one another and continued passion for everything life has to offer was then and continues to be an inspiration to me.

And of course those projects that brought up different memories of stress, panic and anxiety that came from managing egos, trouble-shooting technical problems and those late night brain storms with clients to ensure that we always delivered the best possible results.  I’ll keep all of those names and projects in the vault.

Those times when you were deep in the trenches and were fighting for the success of a project are as important to me as the times when we were standing at the top of the hill planting our flag! But let’s be honest… the wins are just a wee bit more fun than the times when you limp across the finish line.

Glancing around my new office the boxes are unpacked, a few books are on the shelf and for the most part the files are gone (hello digital age!!), but the memories remain: the projects and the people that I’ve worked for and with for the past 18 years. Some of my dearest friends are people that I’ve met here at Finn –and that is what truly makes my work here at Media Connect worthwhile.  1994-2012 have been pretty amazing… I can’t wait to see what 2013 has to offer!

– By Kristin Clifford, Partner / Director of MC Satellite

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