New Additions to my Bookcase: A Book Lover Steps Outside her Comfort Zone

By Alexandra Israel, Publicist


Book lover’s confession: I have a ton of books that I haven’t yet read on my bookshelf, and I tend to be pretty consistent in terms of what I read. All summer I have been reading the works of 19th century English authors such as Thomas Hardy, Theodore Dreiser, and Henry James. There are so many good books out there that I decided for the month of July I won’t be confined to my bookcase or the 19th century! Here are some new additions to my book case, ones that I can’t wait to read:


SR_GoneGirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Published in 2012, I’m late to the game in terms of finally purchasing (and hopefully picking up) a copy of Gone Girl. New York Times bestselling author Gillian Flynn captured the attention of readers worldwide with this shocking story of a married woman who disappears, and her husband is immediately called into question. I have a lot of questions (and theories!) about the plot, but I’ll have to read it quickly before somebody gives it away.






SR_FrogMusicFrog Music by Emma Donoghue: I read another book by Donoghue called Room several years ago, which is a dark but fascinating story (note: not for the faint of heart) about a woman who is abducted and is forced to raise her son in a locked room. Frog Music is based on a real-life murder case of a woman named Jenny Bonnet who was shot and killed through the window of a saloon in San Francisco. Donoghue discovered the case in a book about Victorian women, and in Frog Music she blends fact and fiction to come to her own conclusion about the case.






SR_GoldfinchThe Gold Finch by Donna Tartt: The Goldfinch, painted by Carel Fabritius, set the impetus for Tartt’s novel. While the painting is real, her story is not. Tartt tells the tale of a lonely young man, Theodore, who is traumatized after witnessing a terrorist attack in a museum. In a moment of inattention and panic, Theodore takes the painting. The art history major in me immediately googled the painting and went out to buy the book.







SR_SilverStarThe Silver Star by Jeanette Walls: Her first memoir, The Glass Castle, was mesmerizing. Walls’ writing is based upon her unconventional and often tumultuous childhood, which is even reflected in her newest work of fiction The Silver Star. The story focuses on two young girls, Liz and Bean Holladay, who are abandoned by their mother. Liz and Bean take off on an adventure to discover more family secrets, and an uncle they never knew.








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