Twitter: The Bookstore?


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Dee Donavanik, Publicity Director


If you have a thought you feel the need to impulsively share, where do you go? Twitter!

If you see something you need to impulsively purchase, where do you go? A physical store perhaps, if you need to have it this very minute. Maybe Amazon or another online marketplace if you can wait for it to get shipped (only two days, if you’re a Prime subscriber!). And now, perhaps, also Twitter!

Publishing house Hachette recently announced that it will be partnering with Gumroad  to allow select authors to sell their books directly through their Twitter accounts.  According to Michael Pietsch, CEO of Hachette Book Group:

With so much of our book marketing done socially now, in-stream Twitter purchasing is a natural next step. Gumroad’s success working with music labels and artists to enable sales to fans, and their partnership with Twitter, put them at the forefront of social media commerce. (via Publisher’s Weekly)

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Book By Former New York City Mayor Highlights New York Nuggets Of Wisdom


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By Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer


In a visit this past week to a Barnes & Noble store on 82nd Street and Broadway, near the heart of the Upper West Side, I found myself doing what I love best to do in a bookstore. I strolled across the shelves and let the books speak to me. I’d see a random cover and pull the book off the shelf, contemplating its adoption. I repeated this act dozens of times. To do just that, without reading or buying a book, is an act of fulfillment. I’ve been doing this my whole life and few other experiences equal the satisfaction this delivers.

Don’t get me wrong, eating chocolate, reading The New York Post, or watching Zach Wheeler pitch for the Mets could rival or exceed the act of browsing books, but the open discovery of ideas and knowledge one comes across by walking just a few feet is really amazing.

I ended up pulling a half-dozen books off the shelf for further skimming. I looked through them as I sat in the upstairs café and imbibed on green tea that was accompanied by a triple chocolate brownie. The first book I examined was The Little Red Book of New York Wisdom.

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What Does the Success of ‘Serial’ Mean for the Future of Traditional Radio?

Serial Podcast_Slate copy

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By Nicole Martineau, Publicist


Podcasts have been around for years, but none in recent memory have been able to generate as much buzz as Serial, a record-breaking nonfiction crime drama created and brilliantly hosted by This American Life producer Sarah Koenig. This addicting multi-episode podcast re-examines the 1999 murder of a Maryland teenager and the eventual conviction of her ex-boyfriend.

In a recent New York Times piece, columnist David Carr reports that since its debut in October, Serial has been streamed or downloaded for free on iTunes more than five million times and averages over 1.5 million listeners per episode, a number This American Life took four years to reach.

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2015 Book Trends To Watch For

2015 Trends

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By Cori Cagide, Publicist


A recent post on Huffington Post Books had me reminiscing on some of the interesting trends I’ve witnessed in the world of books over the last year. I think we’re finally beyond vampires and werewolves, and barely made it through that random Amish vampire thriller stage that had floated around as a potential trend for 2014.

GirlOnline2014 seemed to be the year of books-to-movies, particularly dystopian thrillers – we had The Hunger Games 3, the first of the Divergent series and others that made it to the box office this past year and proved to be wildly successful yet again (even more of a reason for them to continue splitting up series into more and more movies to spin into cinema gold). It was also the year of short stories that help to bridge some gaps in the book, or in the case of some, keep readers from going insane until the release of the next book in the series. Veronica Roth’s Four proved to be wildly successful, and many other authors have followed suit.

We also saw a lot of political and presidential theme books, timed perfectly with the November election. It was also the year of the rising YouTube stars – Michelle Phan’s “Makeup” and Grace Helbig’s “Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grownup” were published in October. “The Pointless Book” by 21-year-old YouTube star Alfie Deyes hit shelves in September and his girlfriend and fellow YouTube celeb Zoe Sugg’s book, “Girl Online,” was published in November and became a bestseller almost instantly.

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MEDIA CONNECT’s Favorite Books of 2014


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Here at MEDIA CONNECT books are our jobs. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t enjoy reading in our downtime as well. In fact, outside of working hours, many of us are voracious readers, always on the hunt for the next great read.

In that spirit, here are some of our favorites from the past year:


giveyouthesunI’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. Beautifully written, a John Green spiderweb centering around- what else? The process of growing up. First love. Loss of a mother. Grief. Topics that can be easily overwrought. However, Nelson’s writing carries her all the way through, tackling LGBT material in a delicate way. Didn’t necessarily have to love all the characters to appreciate the prose, and that’s the kind of story I always have to heed praise to. One of those books that I read on the train, in bed, on the couch, and felt like it was the end of something when I finished. I’ll be attached to it for years to come and that is the best reception a book can give you.

–Lindsey Hall, Associate Publicist





lookingforalaskaWhile it’s hard to pick just one book that touched your heart in the last year, if I think of a book that made me think, that made me see the world a little differently after I put it down, and that made me take a deeper look at myself, that book is Looking For Alaska by John Green. I find myself investing in each character he writes about, which makes his work wonderful to dive into. I loved how the main character, Pudge, was obsessed with famous last words. I loved that Alaska had her own world and pulled not only Pudge, but the readers into it as well. It’s a great story about growing up, about the “great perhaps,” and has universal themes that extend beyond the average young adult story. Also, being born in the nineties, I always appreciate good labyrinth symbolism. Aside from the plot, John Green’s writing is brave and honest, which are two of the best qualities I think a writer can have. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Anna Patrick, Digital Publicist and Social Media Strategist

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6 Things To Tweet During #NaNoWriMo


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By Anna Patrick, Digital Publicist and Social Media Strategist


For many hopeful authors November 1st means more than just Halloween candy clearance sales. It means more than Q4 deadlines at work, or the first month of the holiday season. November 1st marks the start of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, where writers endeavor to write an entire 50,000-word novel in one month.

This sleepless, caffeine-addled, frenzied event costs writers about 1,667 words per day for the ultimate chance to get their full novel out of their head and onto digital paper – along with hundreds of thousands of fellow writers as a constant support system. The program was founded by Chris Baty in 1999, and it started with four writers from the San Francisco Bay area. Last year nearly 400,000 writers participated.

The sense of community can be particularly felt on social media, specifically on Twitter. #NaNoWriMo trended nationally for nearly the entire month, and millions of tweets went out describing how close (or how far) participating writers were from the finish line, offering words of encouragement for other writers, or even revealing one or two sentences they had written that day that they were proud of.

The event has grown so much that parody Twitter accounts have popped up, such as the popular @NaNoWriMo_txt, which parodies some of the more outlandish or hilarious things that are said in NaNoWriMo forums or other tweets.

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4 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest To Maximize Book Publicity

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.21.03 AM

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By Anna Patrick, Digital Publicist and Social Media Strategist

The following set of best practice tips appeared in the the latest edition of the MEDIA CONNECT newsletter. To view our fall newsletter or to subscribe for future editions, click here.


Pinterest has been hailed as the fastest growing social media platform of the last year, rivaling Instagram, by outlets such a Business Insider, CNN and Mashable. Content sharing on Pinterest jumped to 19.2 percent just this time last year, and is continuing to see a usage spike.

With this kind of popularity, more and more authors — and readers — are finding their way to Pinterest. Broken down, Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard, which allows users to “pin” images found on the web that can hyperlink back to websites.

Here are a few ways that authors can use Twitter to maximize book publicity:


Don’t neglect your “About” section. This is a critical element of your profile that will help Pinners identify and follow you. Be sure to include your name or penname, your titles, genres, and a compelling short description of your title(s). Make sure to add your author website URL as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Create multiple pinboards for your book. Instead of just creating one general board for all things related to your book, breaking up boards will help you gain a broader following by expanding your pins across multiple boards with different subjects. Pinterest categorizes all pinboards by subject, such as “Film, Music & Books,” “Quotes,” “Travel,” “Art” and more. For example, create a pinboard of quotes from your book, a board of “places” (locations or settings) where scenes in your book take place, articles and reviews about your book, and a board of upcoming cover art or fan art.


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MEDIA CONNECT Interview Series: King Kaufman of SiriusXM Radio

The following interview with King Kaufman appeared in the the latest edition of the MEDIA CONNECT newsletter. To view our fall newsletter or to subscribe for future editions, click here.

King Kaufman is the host of CONTENT IS KING, broadcast weekdays 6-7 pm ET on Sirius 93, XM 208, SiriusXM. He is also the Writing Program Manager for BleacherReport and has also written for The New York Times, the San Francisco Examiner and His work has been anthologized in “Top of the Order: 25 Writers Pick Their Favorite Baseball Player of All Time” (Da Capo, 2010), “Afterwords: Stories and Reports From 9/11 and Beyond” (Washington Square, 2002), “Iron Mike: A Mike Tyson Reader” (Da Capo, 2002) and “Dialogues: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader, 4th Edition” (Longman, 2003). He graduated from Berkeley with a history degree and a master’s in journalism.


kingkaufMEDIA CONNECT: What book are you reading right now?
King Kaufman: THOSE GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN. I’m a little late to it, I know. I’m listening to it.


MC: What’s your biggest pet peeve when working with publicists?
KK: Calling me on the phone if I haven’t specifically asked them to do so or told them it’s OK to do so. This rarely happens, but I hate it when it does.


MC: What types of books are you tired of covering? What are you hoping to do more of?
KK: I’m interested in books that explain process, how things happen. I enjoyed Jason Kendall’s THROWBACK, even though his personality shined through as abrasive and unpleasant, because he took the reader through what a catcher is thinking and how he approaches the game. “If I see the batter’s moved his back foot up two inches, I’ll know…”

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MEDIA CONNECT Interview Series: Alexander Kaufman of HuffPo Business

The following interview with Alexander Kaufman appeared in the the latest edition of the MEDIA CONNECT newsletter. To view our fall newsletter or to subscribe for future editions, click here.

Alexander C. Kaufman is an associate editor on The Huffington Post’s business desk. Previously, he worked as a staff reporter at the International Business Times, The Wrap and The Boston Globe.


AKaufmanMC: What book are you reading right now?
Alexander C. Kaufman: I’m reading THE POWERHOUSE by Steve LeVine, a journalist at Quartz. I’m also reading Haruki Murakami’s NORWEGIAN WOOD. I just finished THE WILD SHEEP CHASE by Murakami, so I’m really into him right now.


MC: When you’re not at the office, what do you like to do?
AK: I like to read, go for hikes, practice meditation, drink beer in pubs with my friends, cook, take pictures, and eat exotic foods.

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MEDIA CONNECT Interview Series: Elisha Hartwig of Mashable

The following interview with Elisha Hartwig appeared in the the latest edition of the MEDIA CONNECT newsletter. To view our fall newsletter or to subscribe for future editions, click here.

Elisha Hartwig is an Associate Editor at Mashable’s New York City headquarters, where she researches and writes branded content. She graduated with degrees in both English literature and Spanish literature from the University of Oregon. After graduation, she moved to Madrid for one year where she taught English and traveled extensively before moving to New York. Follow her @ElishaHartwig.


EHartwigMEDIA CONNECT: What book are you reading right now?


MC: When you’re not at the office, what do you like to do?
EH: I’m probably at home reading, running or binge-watching a new television show – although traveling is my favorite hobby.

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