Interview with Dr. Louise Stanger, Author of “Falling Up”


“I remember when my father died.  I was seven years old.”

The opening lines of Dr. Louise Stanger’s memoir of renewal, Falling Up, indicate just the beginning of what has turned into a life of loss and challenge – and of perseverance and accomplishment.  Dr. Stanger, a prominent addiction interventionist, has had to overcome more than her fair share of troubles. Continue reading

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Interview with Julie Gwinn, Literary Agent at The Seymour Agency

Julie Gwinn Headshot

Julie Gwinn, currently a literary agent with The Seymour Agency, has more than a decade in Christian publishing including serving as marketing manager then Fiction Publisher for B&H Publishing Group and Marketing Manager for Abingdon Press.

Q: What information do you need from an author on their initial contact with you?
A: I want to know the story idea, their bio and why their book is unique. I also need to know word count and if the project is complete. Publishers want to see a full manuscript Continue reading

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Follow The 2016 Literary Calendar


By Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer, SVP

2016 has many special dates, anniversaries, and honorary moments that should be celebrated, especially when it comes to those related to books. How will you make the most of these days? Beware of them, tell others, participate in events that support them, and use them, when possible, as a marketing or publicity hook for your book when contacting the news media.

Library Lovers Month
February 14 – International Book Giving Day
February 23 – Printed Book Day Continue reading

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Interview with Carol Brooks, Editor-in-Chief at First for Women


Carol has served as Editor-in-Chief of First for Women, a national consumer women’s magazine with an audience of 3.4 million, for the past 14 years. In May, she launched Simple Grace, a national consumer Christian women’s monthly magazine with an estimated rapidly growing audience of 100,000.

Q: Do you prefer being pitched by email or are you open to phone calls?
A: As someone who oversees two magazines (First for Women and Simple Grace) and contributes pages to a third (Closer weekly), I will likely be forwarding your pitch to the right assigning editor. That said, it’s much easier Continue reading

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New Book Reveals the Key to Couples Intimacy


Do you know what language your spouse or partner speaks? When it comes to sex, it could very well be a language different from your own. If you want a happier Valentine’s Day at home, read on!

Sex has a language unto itself – physical, verbal, and non-verbal.  An internationally-acclaimed couple’s therapist and sex psychologist of over 25 years, Dr. Douglas Weiss has unleashed a breakthrough book that improves bedroom behavior and overall fulfilment and harmony in a relationship.  5 Sex Languages uniquely identifies how men and women need to communicate with one another about sex. Continue reading

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What Goes On a Website?


By Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer, SVP

If you have more than one book or if you have a business, you would want a website dedicated to the book – separate from other websites that you may have, though some information may appear on all of your sites and you may end up linking them to one another.

The website should have an easy-to-spell, memorable name that’s not too long.  Some people choose their book title, their personal name, or something catchy Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce to Getting on Television


How to Turn Words into Pictures
By Jennifer Rose, Publicist

Authors looking to be interviewed on TV face a number of challenges.  However, there are steps you can take to better position yourself and your story for use on television.  After more than four years as a producer at FOX Business Network and CNN, I’m giving you the inside scoop.

When you are trying to turn your book into a television interview or other segment, here are a few questions Continue reading

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Using Twitter for Effective Book Promotion


By Sarah Citrenbaum, Publicist

When used effectively, social media is a game changer when it comes to book promotion. Twitter in particular is one of the most powerful ways for authors to raise awareness about their work. By posting about their books, their writing, and their interests, authors create an engaging digital presence that supplements and increases promotion efforts.  Here are five tips for authors to keep in mind when using Twitter:

1. Tell the world about your book in 140 characters:  Twitter is an easy, efficient, and cost effective tool for promoting your book. First off, sign up for Continue reading

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Interview With Bruce Barbour, Literary Management Group


Bruce has been active in book publishing for over forty years. He has held executive positions at several publishing houses including Fleming H Revell Company, Barbour and Company, Thomas Nelson, and Random House. In 1997, he founded Literary Management Group, LLC, a full service literary agency and publishing consulting firm that has represented best-selling authors and properties.

Q: What information do you need from an author on their initial contact with you?

A: Authors should write a brief query letter with a premise statement. I do not read unsolicited manuscripts or overviews. If the initial query doesn’t have the premise statement, I refer authors to Continue reading

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Interview With 16-Year-old YA Novelist Claire Fraise

Claire Fraise









Q: What challenges did you overcome to write and publish your YA novel, Imperfect?

A: I think the biggest challenge for me was learning how to translate the clear vision of the world in my head into words that did it justice. Imperfect is set in a morose, futuristic world where the United States has been taken over my large corporations. The people live in a highly stratified social hierarchy and have little to no contact to the people Continue reading

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