To Promote Your Book, Be Outrageous!


By Brian Feinblum, Chief Marketing Officer of MEDIA CONNECT

Everyone knows that a book stands a better chance of getting attention if it:

• Is written by a celebrity, best-selling author, or leading expert.
• Features something newsworthy.
• Sounds trendy and entertaining.
• Involves sex, dogs, money, power, politics, religion – or all of them.
• Is controversial and provocative.

But even those kinds of books still compete with each other and everything else that’s going on, so sometimes they don’t get the media coverage that was expected. So what’s an author or book publicist to do when they don’t have a book that is so important or written by a popular personality?

Be outrageous.

That’s right, you heard me.

Stop thinking about where or why you or your book fall short and start calculating how to amp up what you have available to play with.

To be outrageous you need to develop a mindset that will proudly, confidently, and skillfully carry this off. You can be outrageous. No, wait, you are outrageous!

• Do you want to be viewed as outraged – where you are angry and want justice?
• Will you be outrageously funny – where you say some zingy one-liners that make others take notice?
• Could you show how outrageous things are and show how you can be a source of comfort, change, or empowerment?

Decide what is outrageous. Maybe it is outrageous that healthcare costs so much money. If your book provides a solution, story, or expose, go with the outraged persona. You are a victim-turned-expert/author.

Is it outrageous that parents are asked to raise kids in the 21st century while holding down two jobs and bumping heads with the far-reaching influence of technology, TV, and social media? Get outraged and share your parenting manifesto with anger, vision, and hope.

See a pattern here? Whatever you wrote about, get extreme. If you wrote about having a better relationship, position your headline to be “How to have outrageous sex.” Losing weight on a lifestyle plan? “How to lose outrageous amounts of weight.”

Look at what gets your attention – raucous celebrations, major losses, amazing beauty. It’s nothing ordinary, normal or typical that ignites passion or change. We need to go for life and death narratives. We can’t merely make America good again – it has to be great. Huge. Always the extreme. Be outrageous!

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