The 5 Influencers All Publicists Should Follow

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By Jake Klein, Media Connect Publicist

Book publicity is a challenging field. The landscape of the business is constantly shifting and professionals need all the help they can get in order to stay relevant and effective in a competitive profession. No tool has made more of an impact on public relations professionals, marketers, and authors in the recent past than social media.

The advent (and explosion) of professionally focused social media over the last decade means that we are expected to be connected, accessible, and consuming a steady stream of news and content. We are expected to constantly devour content that will aid us in improving our skills, knowledge, and abilities. However, with so many thousands of accounts over dozens of platforms, it can be difficult to know which sources are most worthy of a follow. Which accounts will truly help you learn to engage more effectively with media? Which will alert you to the newest developments in the public relations and marketing world?

This post will focus solely on Twitter and some of its influential PR-focused accounts. The content found on these accounts focuses on everything from career advice to media-engagement tips. And while some may argue that Twitter is on the decline based on recent trends in revenue, the platform is still an incredibly influential tool, with more than 300 million users engaging in meaningful interactions every day. Each of the accounts below provides valuable insight into public relations issues, how to develop as a PR professional, and how to stay up-to-speed in an ever-changing job.

  1. Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney): Whitney’s Tweets are practical and career-oriented. Johnson’s page is dedicated to original content that she contributes to Harvard Business Review as well as re-tweeted content with tips for improving your career prospects. Johnson also frequently links to her podcast,
  2. Laura Ries (@lauraries): Laura is a branding consultant and media personality whose advice is useful for anyone trying to strengthen their brand or leave an impression in the media sphere. Her tips often prove useful when considering tag-lines in press materials.
  3. Mark Ragan (@MarkRaganCEO): Mark is the publisher of PR Daily and CEO of Ragan Communications. His advice is often focused on literal communication improvement. From writing sleeker emails to avoiding clichés in your pitches, Ragan has useful advice for your everyday PR work.
  4. Mickey G Nall (@mickeynall): Mickey is the on the board of directors of the Public Relations Society of America. His page includes Tweets offering insight into social media posting strategy, professional interpersonal relationship advice, and everything in between.
  5. The Associated Press (@AP): In a media climate now driven more by the news cycle than ever before, it is important to have your finger on the pulse of current events. It is important to follow many news accounts, but services such as The Associated Press offer the most comprehensive look at the goings-on around the world.
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