Social Media Traffic Times, the Best and the Worst Times to Post


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By Brian Feinblum, Senior Vice President and Marketing Officer


The key questions on social media are:

Which sites should you post on , and how often?

What type of content should you share?

And what time of day is best to post?


There are theories on all of this. Today let’s explore the best times to post.

There are many things to consider but your main question to answer is this: When will the people who should be interested in my topic or book be available to view my posts? Some factors may have to do with time zone differences of recipients. Think about the percentage of people that are connected you that are in a different time zone.


Other considerations on an ideal time distribution of your content may have to do with quirks and nuances of a specific industry or group of people. One thing to keep in mind: It is not about when is it convenient for you to post something. It is about what will serve your readers, viewers or listeners best. For instance, if people you are connected with have to do with finance, chances are they are up early in the day but not late at night. Or maybe you want to reach stay at home moms.  Don’t try them in the morning when they are rushing to get kids off to school, rushing to get the kids from school, or around dinner time.


Another thing to consider is the demographics of your social media consumer – are they young or old? Men or women? Students, workers or retirees? We have preconceived notions of when members of specific groups are available to view things.

I find my traffic is lowest on a Sunday but I also do less on the weekend to push my social media so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The type of medium you post on may also influence people’s habits. For instance, people can tweet any time, but to take time or to have the privacy or quiet to watch videos on YouTube may be more limiting.


So when do people have pockets of time to check on social media?


Some people start their day looking online, just as some will do so late at night before dozing off. People will go online for a few minutes when they are bored – such as in class, when waiting in line for something, or when they have 15-20 minutes left of a work day. They will also check when at lunch or on a break. I think people tend to look at things towards the end of an hour. For instance, let’s say a meeting ended early and it’s 2:51. You may surf online and then get back in to work mode at three for a call or meeting or something. Or let’s say you are getting back to work after lunch but have a few minutes to surf.


Being aware of the calendar is helpful. Know when holidays, anniversaries, honorary days, school breaks, etc. are coming up. The last two weeks in August in NYC are dead. My social media gets cut in half during that time. It’s like the nation is on vacation and Europe is off half the summer.


Ultimately, the best time to post is often. That is the answer. You need to experiment and see what your traffic patterns are. But when in doubt, keep posting and hope something sticks.



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