Sum it Up

Many of my e-mails as of late — excluding things that are client-related or internal communication threads — have been junk mail. That said, I’ve noticed an influx of e-mails from platforms that I use like Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter that are simply summaries of my feeds, and things “I might be interested in.”

I can’t quite decide if I’m delighted — that these platforms know how busy I am, and how I can’t always find time to check my personal feeds — or if I’m annoyed that they assume they know what might interest me based solely on my following or viewing history — much of which is clouded by for-work research.

Either way, these summarized threads are an interesting trend worth following. For now, I’ll table my thoughts toward it, and accept these daily/weekly digital digests as a way to make my life easier.

Which social platform do you hear from the most — and do you think it’s a good or bad strategy on part of the respective platform?


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