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How Do We Make America a Book Nation?

                By Brian Feinblum, Media Connect CMO There’s a statistic that’s been floating around for a few years that is disturbing. Approximately 1 in 4 people last year in the United States did … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Libraries Still Matter

Trinity College library, Dublin, via Libraries In Crisis. By Dee Donavanik, Publicity Director   Last week, the Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland, FL opened the doors to a brand new library.  The fact that a new library is opening and … Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Spend Your Snow Day Reading

  photo credit By Cori Cagide, associate digital publicist Thanks to a polar vortex that has affected a majority of the country this winter season, most residents are being forced indoors. Even cities like Atlanta, who rarely experience this type … Continue reading

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7 Literary Fiction Suggestions That Will Deepen Your Empathy

credit By Adrienne Fontaine, publicist It seems that every week there’s a new trend article about who’s reading, why we’re reading, what reading does to us, and where reading is going.  A lot of these come to pretty obvious conclusions, … Continue reading

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Reading Versus E-Reading, Or Lack Thereof

By MEDIA CONNECT Chief Marketing Officer Brian Feinblum While waiting at La Guardia Airport for a flight from New York to Atlanta to attend a business author conference, I noticed hundreds of iPad terminals. Almost every seat was taken. Is … Continue reading

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Adding Ease to eReading

Since the tablet craze kicked off, and eReaders gained popularity, the Kindle has established itself as one of the front-running eReaders of choice. Plenty of tablet-toting readers still own devices like the Nook, KOBO, Sony Reader, BeBook and beyond, but … Continue reading

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Your Library, Your Self

Growing up, I lived in the heart of my city. I was a street-cross away from being at the local library, swimming pool, recreation center, and playground. Out of all of those amenities, each with programming available for all ages, … Continue reading

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RSVP for PTA’s Blogger Party

Click here, or on the image above to RSVP for PTA’s Blogger Party, Friday May 27 at 6:15 p.m.

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Last Words

Thanks to the beloved GalleyCat Twitter feed, I happened upon a link to Flavorwire — tweeted by BookBench — that had a list of 20 famous last lines in literature. I sifted through the list quickly, amused by the lines … Continue reading

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