Tequila Mockingbird: MEDIA CONNECT Hosts Finn Parners Happy Hour


By Anna Patrick, Digital Publicist


Yesterday our division put on our first Finn Parnters happy hour, a literary-themed bash with bookish bites and literary liquor, fittingly named Tequila Mockingbird!

Each colleague who arrived immediately received their identity for the “name game,” where a literary character’s name was taped on their back as they made their way over to the food and drinks. Guests were told facts about their hidden literary persona by fellow colleagues until they correctly guessed the name they received. Names ranged from Katniss Everdeen to Jay Gatsby.



Photo credit: Anna Patrick



The entire New York office was invited to catch up with one another and share some catered dishes, all of which were appropriately chosen and labeled with literary puns. The menu included: Chicken “Little” Tenders, Pita “Pan” with Hummus, Mac”beth” and Cheese, with a side of “Lord of the” Fries. For dessert guests enjoyed some “If You Give a Mouse a” cookies!

Savories aside, the first menu items to go were the literary-themed drinks. The drink menu consisted of: a pitcher of Dorian Gray Goose, Bridget Jones’ Daiquiris, and plenty of Orange Julius Caesar.






Photo credit: Johanna Dickson

Photo credit: Johanna Dickson

As everyone mixed and mingled we were happy to showcase a few of our most memorable projects and bestsellers over the years, all presented on a running slideshow. The slideshow also included team profiles, where each MEDIA CONNECT team member completed the sentence, “I like what I do because….”

Lastly, each guest was asked to answer the questions, “What are you currently reading?” and “What literary character would you most like to be?” and their answers were dropped in a jar to count as an entry to win either an Amazon Kindle or a Barnes & Noble gift certificate. The winners, Lindsay Bubbico and Ashley Aberbach, definitely left with smiles on their faces!

Left to right: Anna Patrick, Dav, and Cori Cagide. Photo credit: Alexandra Kirsch

Left to right: Anna Patrick, David Lieberson, and Cori Cagide. Photo credit: Alexandra Kirsch


Left to right: Steve Matteo and Cori Cagide. Photo credit: David Hahn


Left to right: Linda Paternoster and Joy Smith. Photo credit: David Hahn


Overall, we all welcomed the chance to step away from our desks and enjoy fine food, drinks, and even better company. A big thanks to Karissa Hearn and Cori Cagide for helping making this a memorable evening for all!


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