Think Before You Tweet

Twitter is one of my favorite social platforms. It has an incredible reach, and makes me feel like I have a voice that’s being heard – at least by my immediate followers. That said, Twitter, like other social platforms and networking tools, can be dangerous when not handled properly.

Kenneth Hein wrote a Forbes piece a couple weeks back that really well outlined some high-profile social media mistakes, and the even higher-profile lessons that followed.

While Ashton Kutcher’s series of Twitter missteps flooded my feeds for a short while, I was surprised that I had not heard of some of the other Tweetastrophes, like those from the Red Cross, or from Kenneth Cole.

Reading through the article, my favorite tweet/lesson was from the Red Cross. They handled the issue, showed they had a sense of humor, and in the end, found a way to leverage the tweet by working with Dogfish Head on a fundraising effort.

Hein also touched on the classic tweets-gone-wrong from Chrysler’s former digital agency, as well as Anthony Weiner’s photo mishap.

Care to share any examples of companies that should think before tweeting?

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