We’re back! Introducing Mailbox Monday

We’re beyond excited to announce that the Media Connect blog is back in full swing! Each week we’ll feature a “Mailbox Monday” where we’ll bring you recaps of the latest news in book publishing, PR, and of course all things concerning social media (warning, we’re fanatics).

We’ll also feature original blog posts from our talented MC team, who will share with you exciting information from the inside.

The main inspiration for our blog is connecting with Media Connect fans and followers, so we encourage you to share your thoughts. We stress the interactive in our digital team.

Here are some of the highlights from the past week:

  • Random House Television Launch:  As the huge cinephiles that we are, the news of the creative partnership between Random House and FremantleMedia was incredibly exciting.  The new division will develop TV shows based on Random House books, as well as collaborate with their authors to create original TV programming. Random House Television will be part of Random House Studio, the entertainment division formerly known as Random House Film. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  • Attention: The Olympics Have Gone Social!: As I’m sure you’ve heard, this year marks the most “social” Olympics ever. I mean, there was an entire scene in the Opening Ceremony dedicated to the digital era. The event has been Facebooked, Tweeted, Storified, Pinned – you name it, it’s dominating the web. There has been somewhat of a firestorm, with Twitter right smack in the middle of it. We’re huge fans of the hilarious Mr. Bean, so it’s no surprise to us that he was the most tweeted part of the opening ceremony (deservingly)!
  • E-readers rejoice! Scott Rudin (the producer behind The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo films) and Barry Diller are in talks to launch an e-book business. The publishing venture would focus will be “highbrow literary projects.” We’re excited to see what’s to come of this.
  • Hey, remember Digg? Yeah we almost forgot about it too. Well, now the community is back! The new and improved site is set to launch this week, but you can take a peek at the “New Digg”. Do you dig it? (I’m sorry we had to).
  • Goodreads and The Rise of Digital Reviewing: If you’re like us, you search online like a madman for user reviews before purchasing something. But just how personally invested are you in book blogging communities, like Ning or Goodreads? Foz Meadows wrote a great, informative article for The Huffington Post discussing the blogosphere and online community building, and we encourage you to read it.

Have an opinion? Or just want to share other exciting news? Make it heard and drop us a comment or message! We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time..


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