Where Are They Now? – Dick Wolfe [PTA Alumni Interview Series]

Planned Television Arts has provided many a beginning in the world of public relations. In celebration of our 50th anniversary and new name, we reached out to some former PTA staff members to gather their memories of their time at Planned Television Arts.

On his favorite campaign at PTA . . .
Has to be the Harvey Mackay on his Pushing the Envelope tour. We won a Bulldog and did interesting stuff like booking Harvey at the Louisville Chamber of Commerce and, instead of taking a speaking fee, getting him a box at the Kentucky Derby.

Working with Bob Watson when he was GM of the Yankees a close second. Great human being. He made a trade on his cell phone while we were riding to an event.

If you were to give your time at PTA a TV or movie title, what would it be called? Who would play you in the movie/TV show?
A Pitch & A Prayer. George Clooney. He’s from back home. We had the same haircut for a long time and people used to always say, “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like George Clooney?”

Additional Memories Worth Sharing . . .
I actually had a lot of fun working there. I mean, where else could you play tennis on Roosevelt Island at lunch? Plenty of after work hanging out. Talking baseball with Paul Schwartz. I had a good boss, David Hahn, who knew when to step in and when to let you roll on your own.

I can’t mention everyone in this box, but I made a number of friends I stay in touch with and I’m not really a “stay-in-touch” guy. Happy 50th!

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