Where Are They Now? – Jeff Jacomowitz [PTA Alumni Interview Series]

Planned Television Arts has provided many a beginning in the world of public relations. In celebration of our 50th anniversary and new name, we reached out to some former PTA staff members to gather their memories of their time at Planned Television Arts.

Where is he now?
Public Affairs Associate Director at Continuum Health Partners (Beth Israel Medical Center, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital)

On his favorite campaign at PTA . . .
I had many and PTA was an amazing experience.  The many road tours and book signings (Evander Holyfield)….MDRTs such as William Shatner, Lou Reed, John Cleese, Tom Glavine, John Kruck, Paul Reiser, Norman Mailer, many many more.  PTA was amazing . . .

The single greatest technological advancement since his time at PTA . . .
The Internet came about when I was with PTA, and we started using the Internet in 1993 when the Ruder Finn move happened.  These were pre-social media years.  The Internet allowed us to research the media more intelligently.

Additional Memories Worth Sharing . . .
Personally the best time internally was when David Hahn had his triplets and when Mike Levine felt like giving you $100 for doing a good job that day.

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