Where Are They Now? – Monica Bahamonde [PTA Alumni Interview Series]

Planned Television Arts has provided many a beginning in the world of public relations. In celebration of our 50th anniversary and new name, we reached out to some former PTA staff members to gather their memories of their time at Planned Television Arts.

Where she is now . . .
Freelance TV producer

On her favorite campaign at PTA . . .
I worked with Kristin Clifford in the Satellite department.  I worked with several authors, politicians, musicians, actors, etc. My two favorite were President Jimmy Carter and Christopher Reeve.

The single greatest technological advancement since her time at PTA . . .
Facebook! It’s great way to stay in touch with clients, colleagues, and friends. Great way to learn about new and upcoming projects.

Additional Memories Worth Sharing . . .
Just wanted to say thank you to Rick Frishman and PTA for a great eight years. Thanks to you, I have the best job on earth! Here’s to another 50! Good luck!

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