Why I Work by David Hahn

Book Promotion

By David Hahn, Managing Director of MEDIA CONNECT

I send out a morning greeting every day to my group. It usually contains any pertinent Finn Partners news, MEDIA CONNECT successes, shout outs for birthdays and work anniversaries, bios of new hires, publishing tidbits and maybe a comment on the weather. It often contains a mention of a movie I’ve seen over the weekend, or a book I’ve just finished. And now and then I throw in a bit of MC history since we’ve been around such a long time and I’m a big believer in passing along a bit of culture that way.


In a recent greeting, I mentioned the movie The Queen starring Helen Mirren. I’m going through an English phase having watched the Wimbledon finals earlier this month and a really raunchy – at times funny – short film on HBO called 7 Days in Hell done by Andy Samberg that spoofs Wimbledon. So I watched The Queen, and the reason I mentioned it in my morning greeting to the group is that MEDIA CONNECT promoted a movie starring Helen Mirren back when Miramax Films was just getting started in the early 90’s. It’s entitled The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and His Lover. Don’t see it. We all went to a special screening in one of those posh little screening rooms which was really cool – but unfortunately the film was not. It was plain disgusting. So even stars like Helen Mirren make mistakes now and then. Overall we had a blast promoting Miramax back then, especially the film My Left Foot featuring Daniel Day Lewis. That is worth seeing!

All of which brings me to the point of this essay. We work in a very exciting industry. We get exposure to thought leaders, influencers, heads of state, CEOs, philanthropists, celebrities and their handlers. We work very closely sometimes with these people. And what does it all add up to? Lots of opportunities.

And that’s Why I Work! Opportunity. Every day presents new opportunities. And when itMan of Year knocks you have to answer – quickly and positively. Over the years MEDIA CONNECT has promoted many bestselling authors but we have also promoted movies and magazines. For a long period we did radio tours for Time’s Man of the Year issue, People Magazine, People en Espanol, Consumer Reports, The New Yorker, Esquire and on and on. And the only reason we gained this experience is that we had clients who said, “Hey, can you do this also?” Opportunity knocked and we answered.

It’s a message I constantly preach around the MC offices so when we have an opportunity to collaborate with our Finn Partners colleagues, we do it quickly and positively. And I see the same in return. Or at least we all try to. And oftentimes there may be a larger opportunity at stake for all of us, so it’s especially important to respond fully in those situations. So keep an eye out for that next big opportunity. You never know what movie star might be part of your next campaign

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