What Floor Will Your Author Elevator Speech Take You To?










By Brian Feinblum, Media Connect CMO

Authors need an elevator speech.  They will use it to summarize an upcoming book, a current one, and their writing brand.  So just what needs to be done to get it right?

At the very least, the elevator speech is factual – it’s an abbreviated summary of your writing career and books.  It’s a way to encapsulate your core message.  It must be brief – say it in 20 seconds.

Your elevator speech should reveal key benefits of your solution to an issue.  Highlight what you bring to the table.  You essentially must answer the unstated question:  Why am I interesting, important or entertaining?

Your elevator speech showcases who you are and why one should read your book.  It seeks to differentiate your voice, your story, your history.  But it doesn’t merely delineate accomplishments or sound like a resume.  It’s your advertisement, your chance to give shape and depth to you as a writer.

Imagine being a voice in someone’s ear while in a bookstore.  What would you whisper that would make one feel like they want to take your book off of the shelf.  What would lure them in?  What would get them to be curious to want to know more?

The process of crafting an elevator speech will:

▪ Force you to achieve a true clarity of yourself.
▪ Help you understand the value that you offer.
▪ See why you are better/different from other authors.
▪ Tend to shape your marketing efforts.

The best elevator speech says something memorable with an economy of words.  It sells without sounding like a commercial.  It describes in a way that colors and shapes things.  It helps you transform not only how others see you but how you see yourself.

Remember, you are unique – no one has your exact life experiences, personal views, or professional accomplishments. No one else has written the books that you have penned. Let your elevator speech showcase what is new, different, and special about yourself. Flavor it with the words, ideas, and views that best express who you really are and that best represent you to others. Stay true to your voice and who you have always been, and you will find that your elevator speech may ride you all the way to the penthouse!

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