Your Library, Your Self

Growing up, I lived in the heart of my city. I was a street-cross away from being at the local library, swimming pool, recreation center, and playground. Out of all of those amenities, each with programming available for all ages, I most utilized the library. My earliest memories of the library include story time readings on an over-sized floor cushion, nestled in the children’s section of the library. Our nanny would walk us over to the library at least once a week, where we were allowed to pick out books and check them out on our very own library cards. The Huntington Woods Library is to my hometown, what the New York Public Library is to the Big Apple. It’s a cultural institution, a landmark for visitors and natives, and is full of resources that extend far beyond books. When I think community, I think library.

The New York Public Library is using its VYou page to host a video asking viewers to take a stand, and share why their library is important to them. Have a response? Add your video to their page.

Moving to a new area, and looking to meet people? Stop by your local library and ask about book clubs. In college and looking for a medium that encourages reading for leisure and not lecture? Check out what the local library offers for your age group. In East Lansing, they have a program called Books on Tap. Don’t have a program like that by you? Start one. Be the change, and support libraries and literacy.

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