What does your firm do?

We are a media placement firm. Our core proficiency -- and the main reason you work with MEDIA CONNECT -- is our ability to get you significant coverage in the news media. We are in contact with influential members of the media every hour or every day, leveraging relationships on our clients' behalf.

What types of services do you provide to me?

MEDIA CONNECT is a full-service public relations firm. You can pick and choose from our menu of services and select those services that meet your goals, budget, and needs. MC offers numerous services, all of which can be found in our Services and Capabilities section.

What are your fees?

MC usually works on a project fee or retainer basis. We will state specific fees for specific services in our proposals  with guaranteed results for some services. Retainers generally come into play for full campaigns that have a larger scope to them.

What is your process?

Once you come aboard with MC, you are assigned an account manager who will oversee the campaign and always be available and accountable to you. Weekly updates will be sent to you. A timeline for the campaign's execution will be presented early on, either in writing or stated verbally. A team of one to three specially trained publicists, depending on the scope of the campaign, shall be assigned as well, based on his or her experience, special skills, detailed knowledge, availability, personal interest, and team-client chemistry.

How long does my campaign last?

It depends on the specific service that you retain us to execute. Our national print outreach lasts between three months and one year, but typically averages six months. The same holds for our national broadcast outreach. Other campaigns take place in a shorter time span. We usually need 4-6 weeks to execute a radio tour or a Satellite TV tour -- or we can turn them around in a shorter time frame depending on your needs and the timing and the news-worthiness of the message.

How can I find out more about how we can work together?

Please visit our specialties and services/capabilities sections to find all of the ways you can work together with MEDIA CONNECT to produce a successful, bestselling publicity campaign.

How can I contact you?

Visit our click here to find information on how to contact us by phone, mail or e-mail.



Thank you for your excellent work promoting our book, Vital Factors - The Secret To Transforming Your Business and Your Life. As you are aware, Vital Factors was our first book and we were novices at the fundamentals of promoting a business book. Our decision to work with your firm was based upon your extensive experience promoting business books and we are not disappointed. I sincerely appreciated your consistent coaching and advice as we executed the book campaign. This spirit of teamwork and collaboration made a difference. We learned a great deal about promoting a book and we can also apply many of these principles to future PR efforts. Your weekly updates kept our eye on the ball as we moved the campaign forward. I will continue to recommend you and your firm to business associates who want to gain national exposure for their books.
— JOHN MANNING, Director of Marketing MAP