Interview with Author Michelle Staubach Grimes

Michelle Staubach Grimes - SM









Michelle Staubach Grimes grew up in a household where she saw firsthand how hard work and sacrifice needs to be made to achieve success — or even stardom. Her dad is a legendary Heisman Trophy winner, a two-time Super Bowl champion, and a member of the National Football League Hall of Fame, Roger Staubach.

In Michelle’s newest book, Pidge Takes the Stage, the second in a children’s book series, our young female hero decides to audition for the school musical along with her canine buddy, Maverick.  Not everyone thinks Pidge can learn to sing or that Maverick can be trained, but Pidge believes.  Through their theatrical escapades, Pidge discovers that singing requires hard work, and that Maverick might not be ready for his stage debut after all. By the end, Pidge understands that being a star is all a matter of perspective, and that unconditional love matters more than fame. Continue reading

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How Do We Make America a Book Nation?

book in trash









By Brian Feinblum, Media Connect CMO

There’s a statistic that’s been floating around for a few years that is disturbing. Approximately 1 in 4 people last year in the United States did not read a single book. Not a single celebrity biography, not a cheap romance novel, not a book about one’s hobby, favorite sport, or even a self-help book. Sad as that is, it’s gotten worse.

40 years ago, 8% of Americans said they didn’t read a single book in the past year. This means the rate of non-book readers has tripled over that time. Continue reading

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Interview with Author Dick Cantwell

Dick Cantwell









Dick Cantwell is among the most well-respected and experienced craft brewers, co-founding Elysian Brewing Company in 1996, where he served as head brewer until its sale to Anheuser-Busch in 2015. A three-time winner of Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, Cantwell shares his insights on the surging popularity of craft beers in a new book, Brewing Eclectic IPA: Pushing The Boundaries of India Pale Ale (Brewers Publications; June 2018). Cantwell provides scores of tips and methods for the beer-curious to concoct a delectable brew and shares the story of how and why the proliferation of American IPA came to be. Continue reading

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Best-Selling Book PR Strategies & Tips: Lessons From Book Expo Workshop By Media Connect

BEA Media Connect









By Brian, Feinblum, Media Connect CMO

Senior members of Media Connect led a wonderful panel on best-selling book publicity strategies and tips at Book Expo America, the biggest annual trade show for the book industry in the United States. Over 200 people attended the SRO event on June 1st in New York City. Here are some of the hundreds of helpful tips and strategies that were shared with authors, publishers, and literary agents: Continue reading

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Interview With Author Sylvie Beljanski

Winning the War on Cancer









President Nixon signed the “War on Cancer” into law in 1971. Nearly half a century and hundreds of billions of dollars later, it looks like we are still fighting a losing battle. Or are we?

What if a natural solution had been discovered, but had just been overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry due to lack of profit potential? Continue reading

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Best Seller PR Strategies at Book Expo America Panel Previewed

Media Connect at BEA









By Brian Feinblum, Media Connect CMO

What are the key strategies employed by authors and book marketers to successfully promote books to the media?  What can be done to help a book become a best-seller?

Some of these secrets will be revealed at this year’s Book Expo America.  A workshop, conducted by Media Connect, one of the nation’s leading book publicity firms, promises to provide helpful insights on the steps one can take to get greater exposure for their book. Continue reading

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Words to Live By: Be Kind and Dream Big










By Kristin Clifford, Media Connect SVP

I recently lost a close friend. Family really. Taken from us suddenly and far too soon. He was only in his 30s. This wrenching loss has made me take a closer look at my own life and how I live each day. It has made me want to do two things in particular: embrace life and be kind. To me these are keys to living a life of which I can be proud. Continue reading

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Tips for Becoming a Memorable Speaker










By Deborah Kohan, Partner at Media Connect

Capturing the interest of an audience can be a tricky endeavor, especially if you are unaccustomed to public speaking. Whether presenting to a ballroom filled with colleagues, sharing your expertise with a classroom of university students or giving an intimate talk at a bookstore, there are essential components to every speaking engagement that can help make it memorable. Continue reading

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Gimmicks Don’t Sell Books

book gimmick









By Josh Zajdman, Media Connect Publicist

In 1927, a French publisher offered the incomparable Georges Simenon money to spend 3 days and 3 nights in a glass cage… writing his next novel. Simenon accepted the challenge but, shockingly, it never took place. Yet, there are scores of people who claim to have seen it happen. Continue reading

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16 Ways to Work with a Book Publicist

Book Publicist Handshake









By Brian Feinblum, Media Connect CMO

If authors hire a publicist – or work with one their publisher assigned to them – they should take the following into consideration: Continue reading

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