Case Study: Afghanistan on the Bounce




Client: Robert Cunningham

Though the book is quite powerful, the challenge was to promote a first-time author who is unknown to the public. †C-SPANís BOOK TV is scheduled to feature the author and book on July 1. †The book has been featured on Fox-TV, scores of radio shows, including The Armstrong Williams Show and Maggie Lintonís Show, both of which is broadcast on Sirius/XM, and has been featured on dozens of blogs, a local TV station, KTVK in Phoenix, and in many print publications, including the following:

  • Readerís Digest
  • Army Magazine
  • Huffington Post (The World Post)
  • National
  • Foreword Reviews
  • Veteran of Foreign Wars magazine
  • Military Times
  • San Francisco Book Review
  • Business Insider
  • The Lonely Conservative Blog
  • Upfronte Magazine Online
  • The Candid Frame
  • Noisy Room Blog
  • Photography Blog
  • Soldier Systems Blog
  • Canada Free
  • Army MIL




PTA-DC did a fabulous job. Here's a concrete illustration of just how good you are and the power of radio: After my interviews yesterday, the Amazon sales position went from: 5629 to 1293.
— PETER LANCE, Author of "Triple Cross"