Case Study: Afghanistan on the Bounce




Client: Robert Cunningham

Though the book is quite powerful, the challenge was to promote a first-time author who is unknown to the public. †C-SPANís BOOK TV is scheduled to feature the author and book on July 1. †The book has been featured on Fox-TV, scores of radio shows, including The Armstrong Williams Show and Maggie Lintonís Show, both of which is broadcast on Sirius/XM, and has been featured on dozens of blogs, a local TV station, KTVK in Phoenix, and in many print publications, including the following:

  • Readerís Digest
  • Army Magazine
  • Huffington Post (The World Post)
  • National
  • Foreword Reviews
  • Veteran of Foreign Wars magazine
  • Military Times
  • San Francisco Book Review
  • Business Insider
  • The Lonely Conservative Blog
  • Upfronte Magazine Online
  • The Candid Frame
  • Noisy Room Blog
  • Photography Blog
  • Soldier Systems Blog
  • Canada Free
  • Army MIL




The PTA team has done an outstanding job promoting our book series. No matter what our title is or the angle we need to deliver, the PTA team makes it happen for us. From morning drive radio tours to print media placement, PTA has the experience. We have long term plans to work with this talented group of media experts.
— MITCH MERKER, Publisher, The Approved Group Inc,