Case Study: Dangerous




Client: Mira

Since 2006 we have worked with several of Harlequin's bestselling authors, such as Diana Palmer. Our goal this year was to help launch four of Harlequin's authors to the next level through a combination of our radio and internet campaigns. Our internet campaigns not only target bloggers for reviews and interviews but we also teach authors how to utilize social media - from Twitter to Facebook in order to increase their fan base. The authors ranged in genre from romance to chick lit to mystery/suspense. Some of the authors were already well established and others were on the path to being bestsellers. All of them though, took their internet presence to another level through our campaigns.

PTA has now promoted the last five of Diana Palmer's books through a combination of radio tours, local television, author appearances and most recently an online/blog outreach. PTA blanketed her local media market of Atlanta, arranging several television interviews along with four book signings. For the first time, we added the additional element of blogger outreach to her traditional radio and local media campaign. In addition to 25 top radio stations, Diana guest blogged and was reviewed on over 35 sites.





Our Satellite TV Tour with PTA proved to be one of our greatest triumphs penetrating more key markets than we ever imagined. The folks at Planned Television Arts promised to deliver, and they did with the highest level of professionalism and enthusiasm. They were with us from start to finish.
— DAVID WARGIN, Director of Public Affairs, American Legislative Exchange Council